Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pedestrians need to be on drivers' radar

Pedestrians can be charged with disobeying traffic lights, pedestrian signals or crosswalk rules. But even if pedestrians are in the wrong, drivers always have a duty to avoid a collision wherever possible. Read more.

Yellowknife lakes reach recommended ice thickness for safe walking

The city says the ice measurements on all lakes in the capital city have reached the recommended 15-centimetre thickness for safe walking. Read more.

Billionaire unveils bicycle that generates electricity

Billionaire philanthropist Manoj Bhargava unveiled a bicycle that produces electricity when pedalled and the product, named Free Electric, aims to help solve problem of electricity shortage in the country, particularly rural areas. Read more.

Better city cycling routes? There's an app for that

Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati, a Toronto-based cyclist commuter, is considering whether to cycle through the coming winter. It is “only” -5C, she says, but temperatures can plummet to -25C and snow ploughs clear the roads for months. Read more.

Montreal cyclists have more bike paths — and more accidents — than any other big Canadian city

Vancouver had the highest rate of cyclists among the cities, with 4.4 per cent of commuters using bikes to get to work, compared to only 2.9 per cent for Montreal, 2.5 per cent in Ottawa, 2.2 per cent in Toronto, and 1.3 per cent in Calgary. Despite having the highest modal share of cyclists, Vancouver had the second-least amount of bicycle infrastructure, such as bike paths and multi-use trails. Read more.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rideau River pedestrian bridge to open Dec. 4, councillor says

A pedestrian bridge crossing the Rideau River at Strathcona Park will open in early December, area councillors announced via Twitter. Read more.

Vancouver company offers grocery-delivery by bicycle

Online grocery company has taken natural to a new level by launching a carbon-free delivery service. “We think we can put in smaller stores and service the customer in a unique way and that’s what we want to do,” says CEO Peter van Stolk. Read more.

What's the future of skateboard parks in Toronto?

A map of skateparks shows plenty of holes in coverage. Skateboarders in North York and south Scarborough have limited parks available to them. Ditto for those in Etobicoke, where there are two parks in the south end and one at the northern end, but none in the central section. Read more.

Saskatoon - City Seeks Input on Active Transportation Plan

The City of Saskatoon wants to hear from residents on their first Active Transportation Plan. The plan will provide a 30 year roadmap on how to offer more options for people using their bikes, walking or other forms of active transportation. Read more.

Cyclists are priceless for cities

A new Danish study shows that cyclists and pedestrians contribute to roughly 50 % of the revenue in retailing in the large cities’ centers and roughly 25 % in the small and medium-sized cities. The bicycle is the preferred means of transportation in city centers, and cyclists visit more shops per trip than car drivers. Read more.