Saturday, April 19, 2014

Walking to get fit is new again

With so many fitness trends, you might not think of walking as good exercise. If you’re not thrusting a kettlebell over your head, pushing a tractor trailer tire or shaking your hips to a Top 40 dance beat in a scheduled group class, you’re not cutting it, right? Read more.

Outcry from cyclists puts brakes on bike bill

A bill filed by state Rep. Wendy Nanney of Greenville would have banned youths from riding bikes on many public roads and would have required all cyclists to obtain a $5 permit from the Department of Transportation in order to ride on many public roads. The bill also would have required cyclists to carry liability insurance on their bicycles. Read more.

Have cycling groups become too big to share the road?

In the often fraught relationship between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, there are concerns groups of cyclists have become too large for the roads. Read more.

In the U.S., a Quick Walk to the Store Is a Rare Thing Indeed

You realize you’re missing a key ingredient – garlic for the pasta, let’s say, or lettuce for your salad. Something without which you can’t get the meal on the table. How long would it take you to walk to a store where you can buy it? Read more.

Is There Such a Thing as a 'Feminine' Way to Ride a Bike?

A couple of months ago, the writer and bike advocate Elly Blue started a conversation on Twitter with this seemingly simple question: “What does "feminine" mean? I'm serious. It keeps coming up in the context of things women can do to feel that way on a bike, + I'm confused.” Read more.

Do You Walk Enough?

The American Heart Association says "the simplest, positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health is to start walking." For starters, they suggest exercising 150 minutes a week. The problem is—how do you know if you're walking enough? What's your baseline? Read more.

Municipal Active Transportation Policy Template

The purpose of the Municipal Active Transportation Policy Template is to provide a document that will guide a municipality in developing its own active transportation (AT) policy. The template is meant to provide a high-level policy which outlines the commitment the municipality has to AT. Read more.

Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation's response to "City should rethink building more bike lanes"

The Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation is supportive of the City’s work in facilitating equitable active transportation opportunities for residents throughout Kingston. Investments in active transportation are investments in health, quality of life, and economic and environmental sustainability. Read more.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Video - Communities Powered by Travel: Bicycle Tourism

The Communities Powered by Travel video series highlights participants in Oregon's Rural Tourism Studio training program. This robust training program is designed to assist rural communities in sustainable tourism development. Watch video.

Brandon - Plan could change city’s landscape

From pedestrian walkways to building facades, the city is moving toward new urban design standards. Currently, there are guidelines and suggestions when it comes to new developments, but the goal now is to make much of the newly created Urban and Landscape Design Standards manual mandatory. Link.