Friday, August 1, 2014

Calgary - U of C study suggests we are driving ourselves to greater obesity

If you’re worried about your waistline, put down your keys and step away — or better yet, walk, run or cycle away — from your car, says Gavin McCormack, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine. In a literature review published in Preventive Medicine this month, McCormack examines the effect driving has on motorists’ weight. The conclusion: the more time drivers spend behind the wheel, the more likely they are to be overweight or obese. Read more.

New Walking and Cycling Routes and Increased Physical Activity: One- and 2-Year Findings From the UK iConnect Study

We evaluated the effects of providing new high-quality, traffic-free routes for walking and cycling on overall levels of walking, cycling, and physical activity. Read More.

Alberni requires more bicycle infrastructure

Better cycling routes and more bicycle racks are among the cycling amenities that need to be implemented in Port Alberni, according to city councillors. The Active Transportation Plan, presented to council by City Engineer Guy Cicon, emphasized residents’ desire for better cycling and pedestrian amenities. Read more.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

9.5 km Loop through urban Winnipeg launches for second year

Tourists and Winnipeg residents alike are being invited to take a stroll en masse through a new 9.5 kilometre circuit through the city Thursday. For the second year in a row, Economic Development Winnipeg and Tourism Winnipeg announced the opening of The Loop, a self-guided walking tour of Winnipeg’s urban areas. Read more.

Different Generations, Similar Desire for Walkable Communities

As an author of the recently released AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) What Is Livable? Report, I can tell you the opposite is true: Younger and older generations have many similar desires about what they want in their communities. Read more.

Toronto - New Cycling Infrastructure Installed in Richmond-Adelaide Area

As part of a year-long pilot project for the Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Track Study, bicycle lanes are being installed on Richmond, Adelaide, Simcoe and Peter Streets. The project is part of a currently ongoing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA), which is studying the feasibility and impact of installing separated bicycle lanes in the core. Read more.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Australia - National Cycling Strategy: Implementation Report 2013

In July 2014 the Australian Bicycle Council published a report that outlines the progress made on the National Cycling Strategy in 2013. In this third year of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16, Australian states and territories invested $112.8 million in cycling related infrastructure, education and promotion. Read more.

Obtaining better international rail services for bike carriage

The international cycle route along the River Elbe in the Czech Republic and Germany is one of the most famous and popular cycle routes in Europe.  Cyclists’ organisations therefore cautiously welcomed news last month that Czech Railways had come to an agreement with German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) for the order of new trains for this route, which will all include space for complete bicycles. Read more.

Video - It’s About Investing in Transportation Options

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) releases today its 9th video from the It’s Your Move series featuring Pam Damoff, Town Councillor for Ward 2 in Oakville. Pam is a political champion for cycling and walking in the region of Halton. The recipient of the 2013 Bicycling Leadership Award from the Share the Road Cycling Coalition for promoting bicycling in Ontario, she is extremely proud of Oakville's 2012 Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award. View Video.

Are mall parking lots too dangerous?

Anyone who's driven in a large commercial lot lately knows they can often be places of chaos, confusion and, occasionally, tragedy, as happened in London, Ont., a few days ago when a car backed through the front of a Costco store, striking six people, including six-year-old Addison Hall, who died of her injuries. Read more.