Thursday, November 27, 2014

UK cycling networks to get spending boost of more than £200m

More than £200m will be spent on encouraging cycling in an attempt to make Britain a nation that loves its bicycles like Denmark and the Netherlands, Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, will say on Thursday. Read more.

It isn’t just about going car free

A recent fad is self-professed car freedom, but that doesn’t get us very far, except maybe contributing material for our social media feeds. True change to mitigate the colossal damage the private automobile has induced — environmentally and socially — requires actions beyond simply selling your car. It’s a complex system with numerous connections. Read more.

Maple Ridge Bike repair service on Dragon's Den

The founders of Velofix make a pitch Wednesday night to the CBC business show Dragon’s Den, explaining how a mobile bicycle repair service could find a market niche. Read more.

Fort St. John seeks to become a 'walkable city'

It’s a lonely road for many in Fort St. John. You can see that laid out in a recent Fort St. John document about the city’s ongoing master transportation plan. It showed that nearly 70 per cent of people drove around in a vehicle with a single occupant – in other words, alone. Read more.

Le « bécyk à pédales » mal-aimé

Le BIXI n’est pas un vulgaire « bécyk à pédales » qui siphonne les fonds publics, comme s’en est déjà désolé le ministre libéral Laurent Lessard. C’est un service public qui est en complément aux transports en commun. Et contrairement aux préjugés, à Montréal, il est efficace. Read more.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toronto - New policy narrows lane widths on some streets to improve safety

Research shows there is a direct relationship between travel speed and lane width, according to a city backgrounder. Motorists feel more comfortable driving faster when travelling inside wide lanes, often in excess of the posted speed limit. Higher speeds lead to more damaging collisions and higher rates of mortality. Read more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Build the case for cycling - ECF teams up with WHO/ Europe to show you how

Turning the benefits of cycling into concrete numbers is key to getting the message across to policy makers. That’s why at ECF we are partnering with WHO/ Europe to provide a programme of free webinars on the updated HEAT (Health and Economic Assessment Tool), with a focus on cycling.  HEAT is an excellent tool that can be used to translate lower levels of mortality thanks to cycling and walking into financial benefits. Read more.

Le maintien du programme d'entretien de la Route verte réclamé

Le programme, financé par Québec à la hauteur de 2,8 millions de dollars par année, permet depuis 2001 d'entretenir la véloroute de 5358 km - une responsabilité partagée à parts égales entre le provincial et les municipalités. Read more.

Halifax - Cyclist license cycle

The city should pay a monthly stipend to cyclists, or maybe just offer them some discounts around town. After all, they're unclogging our roads, promoting a healthy lifestyle and staving off global warming. What we shouldn’t do is force cyclists to purchase a license to ride. That's what Dartmouth councillor Gloria McCluskey wants the city to look into. She says it will help identify problem cyclists and the money raised will go towards more bike lanes. A staff report looking into the idea is to be requested at the next Regional Council meeting. Read more.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Job Posting - Halifax

Working under the supervision of the Making Tracks Coordinator the Making Tracks Project Officer will assist in expanding the reach of the Making Tracks active transportation safety and skills training program throughout Nova Scotia. Specifically, the Project Officer will provide leadership training and support to key partners across Nova Scotia to build capacity within communities to train youth and children in active transportation safety and skills. Read more.