Monday, May 30, 2016

Calgary - Drivers get all the blame and are asked to take all the responsibility — and that’s wrong

Something is glaringly missing in the city’s thinking … As typical bureaucrats, they are clearly looking at this upside-down and as usual, blame drivers for everything. Read more.

Sudbury - New crosswalk designs aim to improve pedestrian safety

Prompted by provincial legislation, the city is bringing in new designs for pedestrian crosswalks, ones aimed at improving safety and preventing tragedies on roadways. Read more.

Brockville - Laurier bike lane delay?

The city must take a more “holistic” approach to a cycling network plan that has Laurier Boulevard residents up in arms, says Brockville’s cycling advisory committee. But it was unclear Monday whether that means delaying or even diverting the proposed Laurier lanes. Read more.

Ste-Anne opts for pedestrian path to increase safety in north end

Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue has decided to section off one metre of Meloche Street in its northern sector for a new pedestrian-only path instead of opting to construct a sidewalk on the side of the roadway to increase safety. Read more.

Barcelona is creating massive, pedestrian-friendly “superblocks” to combat pollution

Like many modern urban areas, the Spanish city has consistently failed to meet air quality standards set by the World Health Organization, and studies attribute more than 3,500 deaths per year in Barcelona to the city’s polluted air. High noise levels from traffic and tourists, as well as scores of pedestrian injuries and deaths, have pushed city officials to create a bold plan they hope will set an example for the rest of the world. Read more.

Winnipeg - City approves $6M active transportation plan

Winnipeg city councillors unanimously passed the a $6-million pedestrian and cycling action plan on Wednesday. The plan green-lights the city to construct more paths, sidewalks and corridors as part of its grander 20-year, $330-million active transportation plan. Read more.

Don't drink and bike: GO Transit apologizes for cycling wine tourism ads

A Facebook post encouraging people to visit southern Ontario region’s wineries by bicycle has prompted a regional public transit service to apologize for the “misunderstanding.” In a May 10 Facebook posting, GO Transit said “Niagara’s wineries are best enjoyed responsibly and on two wheels.” Read more.

Northumberland (ON) - Signage added to 330 km of cycling routes

The advancement for safety and signage along 330 kilometres of cycling routes has been accomplished. The official markings will help cyclers navigate the paths and offer extra security with safety signage now available. Read more.

Peterborough’s Bethune Street is getting a complete makeover

Starting in spring 2017, the Bethune Street roadway will be removed from curb-to-curb to accommodate an underground flood mitigation plan. This provides an opportunity for the streetscape to be rebuilt in a way that is innovative and supportive of diverse uses, such as walking, biking, socializing, playing, and traveling with assisted mobility devices. Read more.

Sydney to Reserve Mines trail construction enters 2nd phase

The second phase of construction on a $3-million multi-use trail from Sydney to Reserve Mines is underway. The trail is designed to promote non-motorized activity such as walking and biking, and to support healthy lifestyles. Read more.