Friday, October 31, 2014

E-book: Cyclists & Cycling Around the World

Cyclists & Cycling Around the World is an inspiring literary contribution to the development of cycle-friendly cities throughout the whole world. The book contains articles on city planning and the benefits of cycling and also on the enormous work carried out by cycling organisations around the world promoting cycling and training children. Read more.

London Is Showing How Cities Should Treat Dirty Cars in the 21st Century

London is already the biggest city in the world to have any form of tax that restricts driving in the center—the congestion charge is currently £11.50 ($18.60) per day to travel into central London during the working week. Exemptions from the scheme include lower-emitting vehicles, motor bikes, and electric cars. The city also has a Low Emission Zone, which applies to the whole of Greater London throughout the year, and charges up to £200 a day for heavy-polluting trucks and buses that come into the capital. Read more.

'Sidewalk to nowhere’ in Edmonton’s north end called unsafe

“It just basically ends. It's a sidewalk to nowhere,” said Sippel while on a walk in the area with CBC.
“Every day you see people running across, just trying to make it in time.Usually what will happen is that they wait for the light to turn red and once it does, and the cars kind of break up, they'll run across.” Read more.

Hamilton - Active Transportation Roundup, October 2014 Edition

It has been a beautiful autumn in Hamilton, but with cold weather approaching, the City is winding down its outdoor Public Works so this will probably be the last roundup until next spring. Read more.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

WHO/Europe and ECF join forces for a training webinar on the updated WHO HEAT

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe and the European Cyclists’ Federation are collaborating to provide a free training webinar that will present the updated WHO HEAT (Health Economic Assessment Tool) with a focus on cycling. The webinar will take place on the 12th November at 1pm. Read more.

Halifax - Cycling coalition seeks truck side guards

A local cycling group wants Halifax to follow Boston and Montreal’s lead and consider new safety equipment for its trucks. At least one municipal contractor is a step ahead of the Halifax Cycling Coalition’s proposal to mandate side guards on city and city-contracted trucks. Side guards, which are useful in the kind of collision that killed 30-year-old Johanna Dean in May, appear to be an option for some of Royal Environmental Inc.’s fleet, said general manager Al Abraham. Read more.

Halifax - Committee tasked to create plan for development of Halifax core

Halifax’s urban design manager Jacob Ritchie told the committee that the centre plan will also reflect other plans the municipality recently updated, including ones for active transportation, transit services and economic strategy. Read more.

Barrie - Healthier road diet includes more walkers and cyclists

Did you ever wonder what a better ‘diet’ for our roads would be? Given what we know about physical activity and human health, and the pollution from cars and trucks, a healthier road diet would include a greater proportion of pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road with motor vehicles. Read more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How Memphis Became a Great Bicycle City

When you think of Memphis, you probably think of Elvis, FedEx, or maybe on a more somber note, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. So you might be surprised to learn that Memphis is also becoming one of America's great bicycle towns. Read more.

Toronto Election Report Card: Transportation

While big ticket transit plans have been the most talked-about aspect of this election, they’re not the only part of the transportation equation. Torontonians get around on foot, by bike and in cars. So which candidate has the best plan to get the city moving? Read more.