Saturday, October 25, 2014

Drivers who door cyclists, use phones face tougher fines in Ontario

Careless drivers who hit cyclists when opening their doors will be dinged for $300 to $1,000 – up from the previous range of $60 to $300. They will also be slapped with three demerit points. That higher fine range and demerit point hit will also apply to people caught texting or talking on their phones behind the wheel – the toughest law in the country. Read more.

Kelowna - Central Green Development a Done Deal

Plans have been finalized and construction is scheduled to begin for the development of an LEED certified neighborhood on the property where the old Kelowna Senior Secondary School once was. Read more.

Flying Cars Instead of Bikes? Let’s Talk Real Solutions. Now

I really enjoyed this week’s “Fix My Commute,” the inaugural forum in the Washington Post’s America Answers series. And while it was acknowledged again and again that our infrastructure is often operating at third-world levels, one major way to “fix” our commutes was sorely missing from the conversation. Read more.

Bike-Share Is (Still) Struggling to Reach Poor People Across North America

The rise of bike-share as a popular mode of city transportation has been swift and impressive. A new report on the state of North American bike-share, which gives new meaning to the word "comprehensive," puts the total number of users at more than 1.1 million as of 2012. And that's before the launch of new systems in major cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. Read more.

Toronto - Cyclists pedaling Minimum Grid in election

Cycle Toronto has asked candidates to support 100 kilometres of protected bike lanes and 100 kilometres of cycling boulevards by 2018. Read more.

Meaford council candidates talk about their top priorities

Ensuring 'Health in all policies.' I am in alignment with Dr. Hazel Lynn's, Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce, call to incorporate 'Health in all policies', as we strive for a healthy community. This includes: supporting and creating employment and business opportunities to address unemployment and underemployment, building healthy homes, improving and maintaining good air and environmental quality, such as through the promotion of active transportation to reduce vehicle emissions, working towards zero waste, incorporating green infrastructure such as renewable energy systems, building healthy, sustainable, food systems and healthy transportation networks and improving accessibility by removing participation barriers, ensuring access to food, recreation and sport opportunities and becoming an 'all-ages-friendly' community. Read more.

Albermi - Cyclists tout green crossing over ravine

While a $5 million dollar vehicle bridge connecting both sides of Port Alberni is already on the Nov. 15 ballot, some residents are looking for a greener option. John Mayba, an avid cyclist and member of the Alberni Valley Transition Town Society (AVTTS) thinks that the city needs to see the Roger Creek ravine as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Read more.

Citi Bike operator bought up by new company

REQX Ventures will own all of Alta Bicycle Share once the deal is completed and plans to double the number of bikes to 12,000, sources told Capital New York. Read more.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Walking the New Running?

We often see data on runners and cyclists, but what about walkers? How about this – did you know MapMyWalk is our fastest growing brand? It’s true. We took a closer look at our walking community and found some pretty interesting statistics. Read more.

Iran’s largest Pedestrian Bridge Inaugurates in Tehran

The opening ceremony of the Iran’s largest pedestrian bridge called “Tabiat Bridge” (Nature Bridge) was held in Tehran attended by Tehran’s Mayor Mohammed-Baqer Qalibaf. The design of this three-level pedestrian bridge is inspired by ancient Iranian architecture in which, bridge was not just a crossing path, linking 2 sides of a river or valley, but It was a place to stay, relax and enjoy beautiful views. Read more.