Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ontario - Crombie marks birthday with expanded waterfront trail

“The waterfront trail is not a project that begins and ends,” Crombie told his audience, which included Liberal MP Adam Vaughan and Liberal MPP Ted McMeekin. “It is a never-ending event, it is a story of the people of the Great Lakes.” Read more.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Medicine Hat - New program promotes walking and running

A program to make the most of walking and running for physical exercise is being offered by Alberta Health Services (AHS) in partnership with Southridge YMCA. Read more.

Best foot forward – are you walking correctly?

The way we walk has a much bigger impact on our overall health than many of us realise. Believe it or not, there is a specific walking technique that helps to maintain healthy joints, muscles and ligaments, and getting it wrong can cause long-term damage. Read more.

Province Investing $295,000 in Cycling Infrastructure for Hamilton

The City of Hamilton will receive $295,000 to build a new 2.3 kilometre cycling route that includes painted bike lanes, physically separated bike lanes and a bike path alongside the road. This combination of infrastructure will create a safe cycling route. Read more.

Northern Ontario town plans trail system inspired by Group of Seven paintings

In recent years, Marathon has been working with neighbouring communities to expand the trail system in the region. Their goal is to attract visitors by leading them to the spectacular scenery along the coast of Lake Superior, said Hancherow. Read more.

The case for walking – how much should we be doing and why

When it comes to living a long, healthy life, every step counts. A 2014 study by Saarland University in Germany, presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, suggests that a 25-minute brisk walk every day can add up to seven years to your life. Read more.

University of Ottawa cyclist, pedestrian tunnel to close for nearly 4 months

A heavily-used pedestrian and cyclist tunnel at the University of Ottawa will shut down in early May for nearly four months as the city continues work on the Confederation light rail line. Read more.

Okotoks - Creating New Adventures With Extended Trails

"These are multi-use trails and they're single track so they'd be very suitable for mountain biking and cross country runners. In the winter time they could be used for snow shoeing and if we had the snow you could use them for cross country skiing. You can also them for hiking and walking your dog as long as your dog is on a leash." Read more.

Cycling trails expected to be top priority in Toronto bid for federal cash

Cycling and active transportation projects are expected to be among the city's first request for federal infrastructure money. Read more.

City ignoring pedestrian safety in Sudbury: Critic

Sudbury pedestrian safety advocate Matt Alexander says a pair of staff reports to the Greater Sudbury operations committee will do little to make streets safer. Roads director David Shelsted is expected to present a report on pedestrian collisions and another on pedestrian safety initiatives to city councillors on Monday. Read more.