Monday, March 2, 2015

Europe - Cycling in all policies

An increasing number of European countries have put in place and implemented national strategies on cycling. Most of the time these national strategies and/or action plans set clear activities and precise goals for the development of cycling at the national level. Read more.

E-bikes Vs Motor vehicles: New tool calculates the economic benefits for businesses

PRO-E-BIKE project promotes clean and energy efficient vehicles, electric bicycles and electric scooters (common name “E – bikes”), for delivery of goods and passenger transport among private and public bodies such as delivery companies, public administration and citizens in European urban areas, as an alternative to “conventionally fossil fuelled” vehicles. Read more.

Niagara Active Transportation Summit

One week left before the Active Transportation Summit March 4th and 5th !  If you are an elected official, municipal or regional staff, business owner or tourism partner you may want to attend. Read more.

Saskatoon - City's goal setting a good start

Council just accepted 19 goals designed to make the city better. One of the more significant goals is about active transportation. The city wants 20 per cent of our trips to be by foot, bike or public transit. You could add things like longboarding as well, even if it is banned along River Landing and most of downtown. Read more.

New report links obesity with increased risk of colorectal cancer

While the link between excess body weight and diabetes is well known, a new report by Cancer Care Ontario suggests a growing waistline also increases a person’s risk of colorectal cancer by up to 15 per cent. Read more.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why Are Developers Still Building Sprawl?

Changing the way we build homes has proven challenging. That's in part because redoing plans for already-approved developments is costly and difficult. But it's also because builders argue with the idea that homebuyers want compact, walkable developments. Americans want space, they say, and they want backyards and private patios and big closets and places to park their big cars. Read more.

Cyclists, Rest Your Weary Limbs on Seattle's First-Ever 'Leaning Rails'

Cyclists who want to relax while waiting at traffic lights—without performing a troublesome, potentially crotch-crushing dismount, that is—can grab a sign post or put a foot on the curb. Or, if they're in Seattle, they can slide up to these swanky, new "leaning rails" and take a load off. Read more.

Let’s All Slow Down . . . Time to Prioritize People over Cars on our City Streets

By allowing huge amounts of land to be dedicated to parking, for decades, North American policymakers shaped not only the American urban landscape, but also citizens' understanding of how streets should work and look like. Among other things, we accepted the fact that acres of asphalt sit empty for most of the day. But that is beginning to change. Read more.

Open house reveals first details for commuter rail in Halifax, includes route, station locations

After years of hypothetical discussion, the first proposals for commuter rail in Halifax were unveiled to an eagerly receptive audience, prompting animated discussions of the pros and cons – but mostly pros. Read more.

Building a Bike-Friendly Chicago

Learn how transportation planners utilized advanced video data collection technology to support Chicago’s goal of becoming the most bike-friendly city in the United States by 2020. Get a look at the results being shared at the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. in March. Read more.