Thursday, July 24, 2014

Windsor - Local health unit urges residents to support Cabana bike lanes

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is urging Windsor residents to support segregated bike lanes proposed for a stretch of Cabana Road. "Ensure Cabana Road and the Windsor Loop are done right. Contact your city councillor today," a statement on the health unit's website reads. Read more.

Sudbury offers cycling courses to help cut down on collisions

The City of Greater Sudbury is making an effort to improve bike safety by offering cycling courses in a city where cyclists say poor roads are to blame for many of their safety concerns. Read more.

Calgary - Peace Bridge’s first anniversary

The most pedestroversial bridge in Calgary history turned one in March 2014. Here it is, from five perspectives. View videos.

What a Great Pilot Bike Lane Project Looks Like: 3 Best Practices

From Calgary to Seattle to Memphis, the one-year pilot project is becoming the protected bike lane trend of 2014. Street designers looking to use the design have been putting down their digital renderings and picking up plastic posts and barrels of paint. Read more.

Riding in a Suit

Though I work from a home office, my business involves many meetings and outings around Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. My uniform for public outings is a tailored suit and my preferred mode for getting around town is the bicycle. Read more.

Prince George Active Transportation Plan

The City of Prince George developed the Active Transportation Plan to guide the development of a continuous, safe and enjoyable Active Transportation Network. The Plan makes a number of recommendations and also outlines an implementation strategy that includes the adoption of standards, development of new infrastructure, implementation of policies and programs, as well as recommended funding levels. Read more.

Halifax active living plan gets boost

A plan to get Halifax residents walking and cycling more was endorsed by the city’s transportation committee Wednesday. The five-year active transportation plan lays out a vision to build more trails, bicycle lanes and sidewalks in the region. Read more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In a successful modern city, the car must no longer be king

Our love affair with automobiles has shaped our cities and our lives – but mature metropolises are finally realising that the needs of people are even more important. Read more.

Ottawa - East-west bikeway plans a priority for 2014, city says; Committing to spend $70 million on cycling over next 15 years

The plan includes three major projects - pedestrian and cycling bridges at the old Prince of Wales rail bridge over the Ottawa River, a Donald-Somerset connection and a bridge near Lansdowne at Fifth Avenue and Clegg. The east-west bikeway - an extension of the Laurier Avenue segregated bike lane - is the major project in the city's core. Read more.

Nothing “revolutionary” about Edmonton’s bike lane plans: urban design expert

With the city about to launch into bike lane discussions on Tuesday, Metro Edmonton asked an international bicycle design expert on the plan set to roll out in Edmonton over the next four years. Read more.