Thursday, October 8, 2015

Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed

Good transit offers a world of benefits beyond any impact on rush-hour roads, beginning with agglomeration—the economic boost that occurs when people and jobs cluster in cities. Once a city reaches a certain level of congestion and hits a wall in terms of road space, rail or bus systems are the only way to pump more people into the central areas that produce these gains. Read more.

Here We Go Again With Retailers Hating Bike Lanes

Every time a city proposes taking away street parking for a bike lane, you can count on a chorus of businesses to sing the blues. The refrain is sounding right now in the London borough of Enfield, which just got a £30 million grant from Transport for London’s “Mini-Holland” program to redesign its streets with segregated bike lanes on either side of the road. Read more.

Trenton, Westville receive sustainable transportation funding

Government is providing $28,550 to the Town of Trenton to build a trail connection between Trenton Park and Smelt Brook, along the Trenton Airport corridor. Government is also providing $4,580 to the Town of Westville for a signage project called Connecting the Dots. Read more.

Victoria wants helmets, lights on skateboarders

Victoria is opening up downtown to skateboarders, but city staff are recommending they be required to follow the same rules that bicyclists are supposed to, including having lights after dark. Victoria police also support skateboarders using helmets. City staff are recommending that council ask the province to amend the Motor Vehicle Act to make helmets mandatory for skateboarders as well as cyclists. Rad more.

Cycling PEI recommends daytime running lights for bicycles

Cycling PEI is urging that daytime running lights be mandatory for cyclists on the island province. Executive director Mike Connolly believes that the lights would make cyclists more visible during the day and thus safer. Read more.

Guelph - Style, function count on wet cycling days

The trickiest part of cycling in the rain is the road, of course. Oil rises to the surface of freshly wet roads, making it a little more treacherous to ride. The stopping distance also increases on wet roads, so don't grab the brakes but instead, "feather" them lightly. Take it easy going downhill and take corners carefully — it's easy for the tire to lose traction on a wet road if you take the corner too fast. Read more.

Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Legislation

In Ontario, helmets have been required for all cyclists 18 years of age or younger under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act since 1995, and recently the enactment of all-age legislation has been considered as an injury prevention strategy. This knowledge synthesis evaluates the impacts of bicycle helmet legislation for cyclists of all ages and explores where and why these laws were most effective. Read more.

Vancouver, Canada: A City on Bikes with Lessons for Los Angeles

What else can Los Angeles learn from Vancouver? Leigh explained that there’s a tendency to focus on bike lanes and forget about intersections, where most crashes occur. “The intersections are the tough part,” explained LaClaire. This applies to car throughput too, he said. “For all the hubbub about reallocating road space for bikes, we aren’t actually reducing car capacity on the street,” he said. “The key is getting the intersections right, which is where backups actually occur.” Read more.

Bloor bike lanes ever-elusive for Toronto planners and cyclists

Posted on the city’s website is an update report on Toronto’s “Ten Year Cycling Network Plan.” Scroll down to the second appendix, and there it is, under the heading “2016 Implementation Program Locations. - Bloor St. W. (Pilot Project) ... Shaw St. to Avenue Rd.” Read more.

Cycling coalition calls for protective sideguards on trucks after cyclist killed

The Halifax Cycling Coalition is calling for the city to install protective side guards on all of its trucks, and the trucks of its contractors, after a female cyclist was killed after colliding with a propane truck Wednesday. Read more.