Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Article - University of Kentucky plans bicycle permit parking

Kentucky Kernal, April 7
Author: Jill Laster

[Be honest, you knew it would happen sooner or later. Are you prepared when the issue comes up in your community? MH]

Bikers will have to pay to park on campus under a new plan by UK Parking and Transportation Services. Under the program beginning in July, bikers will be required to have a permit to park at the bike racks on campus.

UK Parking and Transportation Services decided to create a bike plan because no single department is in charge of biking, said Stuart Kearns, the department’s associate director for transportation. The fee will allow Parking and Transportation Services to take charge of efforts such as installing more bicycle racks.

Parking and Transportation Services plans on using part of the money to add to the 2,700 spaces for bikes on campus with new bicycle racks. It will also replace the older-style bicycle racks with newer models. Kearns said the racks now can be “wheel benders,” when many bikes are on the same rack and pressure can cause the front wheel to bend.

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