Sunday, December 6, 2009

Job Posting: Executive Director, Bike to Work BC

You are a highly motivated manager with fund-raising skills and a strong commitment to cycling, and Bike to Work British Columbia wants you as their executive director. BTWBC is the umbrella organization for all the Bike to Work events occurring in British Columbia, and functions as a not for profit society. The Bike to Work program has been funded by the provincial government for 14 years, and now distributes training, funding, and common elements of the Bike to Work program to all participating communities in BC.

You will be working with a group of aggressive fundraisers from the business community to establish stable year-round funding from business and the communities. You will be working with many BC communities to tailor BTW resources to their local needs, and keeping them communicating their programs and ideas.

You will be developing new programs in new communities to get more people commuting by bicycle. You will be comfortable liaising with a diversity of project partners from health, education, environment, municipalities, traffic management, and other stakeholders across the province. You will have experience in public speaking and group facilitation. You will have excellent communication skills, computer literacy, knowledge and experience in many aspects of urban planning, environmental studies, public health, community planning and development.

Tell us how you will take this organization further and submit your resume and references to Richard Backus, President BTWBC, at, by December 15, 2009.

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