Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lectures - BC: Shifting Gears II, Lectures on transportation, health and the built environment

Free admission, reservations required: call 778-782-5100 or email

Active Transportation in Copenhagen - February 25, 7 pm
Niels Tørsløv, Traffic Director of Copenhagen

Only in Copenhagen would the Traffic Director be educated as a landscape architect. Of course, in Copenhagen, “traffic” means bicycles as much as automobiles. Niels Tørsløv show how they plan and build for children in order to encourage an active city, and how their transport policy focuses on cycling, climate change, health and urban liveability.

Venue: SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre building
Reservations required: Call 778-782-5100 or email


Active Transportation in New York City - March 16, 7 pm
Janette Sadik-Khan, Traffic Commissioner of New York City

Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation since April 2007, has taken on the challenge of making New York City more pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly while emphasizing public space and livable streets—including traffic-separated cycle tracks, bus-priority streets, pedestrian plazas, and the phenomenally successful “Summer Streets” which opened seven miles of Park Avenue to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only. An avid cyclist, Janette frequently commutes to work by bike.

Venue: SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre building
Reservations required: Call 778-782-5100 or email


Active Transportation in Portland - April 24, 7 pm
Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland

As the newly elected Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams represents a city that encourages physical activity, especially for transportation. In other words: a walking and bike friendly city, well served by transit, that also addresses issues such as climate change and peak oil. As a Cascadian neighbour, he can explain Portland’s special culture, what they’re planning and what lessons we can learn from what they’re doing, and would do differently.

Venue: UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver
Reservations required: Call 778-782-5100 or email

Lectures are sponsored by the Bombardier Foundation and the Active Transport Lab at the University of British Columbia and BC Recreation and Parks Association. Program partner: Simon Fraser University City Program.

More lectures are planned for Shifting Gears II. Check for updates.

News Release - Walk to School in Winter - It's Cool

Wednesday, February 11, is Ontario's first annual Winter Walk Day. Highgate Public School in Markham is one of almost 400 Ontario schools that will be walking - or snow shoeing, skiing or skating to school and at school today.

Article - BC: Active Transportation Plan looks at local desires and designs

Agassiz Observer, February 3
Author: Michelle Vandepol

The locally built environment Active Transportation Network Plan is at one of its final stages. “The new Active Transportation plan is based on the 2002 Agassiz – Harrison Bicycle Network Plan,” said District Director of Community, Recreation and Park Services Kerry Hilts. The process started in October 2008 and the final report into council is expected to come in early March 2009, barring unforeseen issues.

Article - Australian's Buy More Bikes Than Cars

The Age, January 7
Author: Australian Associated Press

Australians continue to buy more bicycles than cars with the economic downturn, health issues and climate change driving sales, the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) says. Figures released on Tuesday put total vehicle sales for 2008 at 1,012,64 while bike sales were 38 per cent higher at 1,401,675. The CPF said it was the ninth consecutive year demand for bikes had outstripped vehicles.

E-Documentary - UK: The Bicycle Diaries

This three - part series illustrates how the one billion bicycles around the world are used today and what impact this remarkable technology has upon people's lives. (Worth watching! - MH)

Website/Blog - Cycling: TOTOBOBO mask

How to choose a pollution mask for cycling? If your commuting route can not avoid major traffics, wearing a fitting mask will help to significantly reduce your exposure to the dangerous smog. (Lots of pictures - MH).

Article - US: Bike Sharing Is Denver’s Effort To Keep Residents In The Pink and The Sky Blue

Washington Park - The Profile
Author: Christina Shiveley

Mayor John Hickenlooper and several community partners have announced plans for a citywide bike sharing program – Denver B-Cycle – that will make 500 bikes available to the public at 30 to 40 stations throughout the city beginning this summer.

Article - Paris Velib Crushed by Vandalism?

According to JCDecaux, who maintains the fleet of 15,000 Vélibs, since Julyv2007, 7,800 of the original 15,000 bikes have disappeared or stolen and 11,600 have been vandalised.

Article - India: Peddling an eco-friendly, cost-effective ride for cities, February 11
Author: Namitha Jagadeesh

Ecomove is based on Ramesh’s hypothesis that if people have easy access to bicycles minus the responsibility of owning one, cycling as a mode of transport will gain popularity in cities.

Article - US: Bicycle Commuter Act and Rep. McHenry

WashCycle, February 8

Some members of Congress are reluctant to spend transportation money on walking and bicycling infrastructure, because in their communities, few walk or bike. The comments of one of those, Rep. McHenry, are instructive for all those who are expecting political support for the development of walking and cycling infrastructure.

This is a US example, but still relevant to Canadians.

Article - US: Drive-throughs cause friction with Beach's Laskin plan

The Virginian-Pilot, February 8
Author: Aaron Applegate

Long-range city planning and modern business imperatives are clashing at the Oceanfront. The issue: fast-food drive-throughs.