Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Here's how eBike can give your cycling a boost

An eBike will also encourage you to ride further, with cyclists on eBikes covering on average 6.3 kilometres compared to 3.6 kilometres when riding conventional bikes according to a report by Credit Suisse. Read more.

Great Britain - AA publishes highway code for cyclists

It contains the sections of the main code which are relevant for cyclists as well as offering advice on the purchase and maintenance of bikes and the full syllabus for the national Bikeability cycle training programme. Read more.

Muhammad Ali’s career inspired by a stolen bicycle

As a 12-year-old boy, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. was furious when his red Schwinn bicycle was stolen. When he returned, it was gone. Furious he stormed off to find a police officer he was told was training at a nearby gym. Read more.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Bicycle Commute Isn’t Stressful

Despite the wonderful utility of two wheels, bikes have been completely overlooked in traditional North American urban planning, leaving them to straddle their existence between pedestrian and car, of which they are neither. Read more.

Walking has become 'dangerous,' say parents in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's

For some parents in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, a pleasant stroll around town is the furthest thing from reality. They just don't feel safe walking — and want changes. Read more.

Young man accused of driving ATV over pedestrian

He sped away turned the ATV around and  drove at the group of people. The driver of the ATV ran over one of the pedestrians. Read more.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Calgary police learn how to shred on a skateboard

Next time you see a Calgary Police Service officer at your local skatepark, you might want to ask: can you land a kickflip? Read more.

Are Bicycle Helmets Holding Us Back?

When it comes to bicycle safety however, progress slows when the center of attention becomes the bicycle helmet. Much like whether or not a motorist in an accident was wearing a seatbelt, one of the first questions we ask when a bicyclist is involved in a crash is, “Were they wearing a helmet?” The media and police reflect the public’s pro-helmet sentiment by implying that its role in any major crash is highly significant. Read more.

Ottawa - Cyclist's near collision with water truck results in act of charity

So what could have been an angry social media confrontation ended in a $100 donation to Citizens for Safe Cycling to continue their work advocating for more and safer cycling infrastructure in Ottawa. Read more.

Bike to Work: Record turnout pleases Kelowna organizers

By the end of the day Friday, it's expected that more than 3,500 Kelowna residents will have checked in to one of the many celebration stations along their bicycle commute to either work or school this week, surpassing last year's total of 2,700 visits. Read more.

Essex unveils new bike trail named after longtime resident Frank Matthys

On Thursday, the Essex resident was honoured with the naming of the Frank Matthys Way, a bike path along Fairview Avenue. Matthys’ name was picked after council asked the community to assist with the name of the multi-use trail. Read more.

N.S. hopes new trails will make province a cycle-tourism destination

Nova Scotia will soon have a 3,000-kilometre, cross-province bicycle trail system officials hope will make the province a premiere cycling destination. Read more.

Cobourg Council Declares June 4th to June 10th as Active Transportation Week

Active Transportation Week in Cobourg kicks off on Saturday June 4, 2016 in conjunction with the Safe Communities Northumberland County, Community Connections Expo hosted at the Cobourg Community Centre from June 3 to 4. The Town of Cobourg is offering free transit all day on Saturday June 4th. Read more.

Atlanta Puts $1 Billion Toward Biking and Walking Projects

Again, that’s a ONE-BILLION-DOLLAR plan to make the city safer for human-powered transport. That would be great news anywhere, but in Atlanta it could go a long way toward securing the capital a coveted new reputation as a city that bikes. Read more.

Meet the World’s First Electric Walking Bike

The scooter-like contraption—the first of its kind in the world—was invented by Bruin Bergmeester, who of course hails from the bike-friendly Netherlands. Read more.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Waterloo - Region confirms vote to allow 2-abreast cycling

The region has confirmed a vote to allow two-abreast cycling on roads, despite public outcry against the move following a committee meeting in May. Read more.

Belleville opens first dedicated cycling lanes

“I feel like I’m in the 21st Century,” Scott said while dismounting her bike at the Catharine Street intersection. “Every city I have lived in has bicycle trails, so it was about time.” Read more.

Motorists warned to 'watch for bikes' as Essex cycling booms

County Warden Tom Bain said councils and politicians are “beginning to respond” to pressure from a growing number of residents keen on cycling and other forms of “active transportation” who want local roads made safer to pursue such a lifestyle. Read more.

Walking is transportation too

Pedestrians do get their own infrastructure now, namely sidewalks, but they are often so crowded and filled with junk that you cannot move. Crossing the street is dangerous and difficult. Read more.

10 ways to get the most from walking

There is so much fetishizing of exercise. What with the gadgets and gear and just-right outfits – the Lycra! The Lululemon! – at times fitness is more like maintaining membership at an exclusive club. But the beautiful, gentle act of walking, that’s different. Read more.

Sudbury - Commuter challenge starts next week

Events for the month include the national Commuter Challenge, a competition between cities and workplaces that encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home for one week, from June 5 to 11.  Read more.

Active transportation may not be rolled into Winnipeg's budget process

For 2016, the plan was passed several months after the budget was approved, but for 2017 it’s slated to be debated along with road spending and the rest of council’s priorities during budget deliberations. Read more.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Province Passes Act to Support Ontario's Trails

Ontario passed legislation that will sustain and improve the province's trails system, helping to build a healthier and more prosperous Ontario. The Supporting Ontario's Trails Act, 2016 will strengthen ‎Ontario's extensive trails system. It will protect and enhance thousands of kilometres of the province's urban, suburban, rural and remote land and water trails while also encouraging its expansion. Read more.

Toronto - Mayor John Tory defends scaled-back cycling plan

Mayor Tory defended that decision Monday, and rejected the suggestion that council would be voting on a diluted proposal, telling reporters: "I just think it's prudent to learn what we learn from the Bloor Street bike lane project before we go spending all kinds of money on similar streets." Read more.

Bike Month aims to enforce city's bicycle lanes; kicks off with 'Bike To Work' day

Toronto police are launching “Right 2 Bike” -- a week-long campaign aimed at the enforcement of bicycle lanes in the city. The enforcement campaign, which is scheduled to run from May 30 to June 5, will involve parking enforcement officers, members from traffic services and officers from division units. Read more.

When New York City Tried Going Car-Free

Before the eager young New York traffic department employee who would eventually become known as Gridlock Sam had begun his long war against cars in earnest in the early 1970s, he got a dull assignment: standing out in the cold weather, timing car traffic as it crossed into Midtown. Read more.

Brampton’s famed bicycle murals are returning in June

The murals – bicycles through the ages – were created using an unusual technique. Augustine carved the bicycles into the painting and set them against several well-known Brampton landmarks such as the St. Andrew’s Church, Alderlea, the gazebo in Gage Park, City Hall, and Historic Bovaird House. Read more.

Karate, skateboarding among sports that could be added for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The board backed the proposed inclusion of baseball-softball, surfing, karate, sport climbing and skateboarding for Tokyo. Read more.

Windsor - CWATS keeps active people in the loop

CWATS is a proposed network of on-road and off-road trails, bike lanes, paved shoulders, and signed routes to create connections between tourist sites, built-up areas, City of Windsor, Chatham-Kent and Point Pelee National Park. The CWATS system is to be built over a 25-year period and is a partnership between the County of Essex, local municipalities and the Essex Region Conservation Authority. Read more.

Sudbury - Take the National Commuter Challenge during Active Transportation Month

Greater Sudbury Deputy Mayor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann has proclaimed June as Active Transportation Month. Events for the month include the national Commuter Challenge, a competition between cities and workplaces that encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home for one week, from June 5 to 11. Read more.

New pedestrian crossovers planned for Ottawa streets

The city says it will install up to 60 crossovers each year for the next three years with a focus in 2016 on single-lane roundabouts, retrofitting existing crossings and on places where no crossing existed previously. Read more.

Nine tips for safe cycling in Toronto (you won’t believe number five!)

I’ve seen many bad drivers over the years, but I’ve seen more bad cyclists. I have come to the conclusion that cyclists are consistently the most impatient, unpredictable, self-entitled and dangerous people in Toronto’s traffic. It doesn’t have to be that way. Safe cycling is pretty easy, for the most part. Here are a few takeaways I’ve picked up from the front lines. Read more.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Gatineau hires bike route boss to bolster cycling reputation

The City of Gatineau has shifted into high gear in its quest to be known as the go-to place for cycling in Quebec. After months of searching, the city has hired a bike route co-ordinator, as it seeks to increase the amount of cyclists in the city. Read more.

Do statistics really show that 80 percent of pedestrian crashes are their own fault?

Unsafe pedestrian behavior is a major factor in pedestrian injuries and fatalities. In a recent study of 7,000 pedestrian-vehicle crashes in Florida, researchers discovered that pedestrians were at fault in 80 percent of these incidents. Similarly, in a U.K. study, pedestrian behavior accounted for 90 percent of crashes where vehicle struck a pedestrian. Read more.

Expansion of Bike Infrastructure Fuels Growth of Multimodal Transit

“Cities investing in bike infrastructure are seeing explosions in bike use” and urban growth, said Roswell “RJ” Eldridge, chief operating officer of Toole Design Group in Silver Spring, Maryland, which specializes in walking and biking infrastructure planning, engineering, and landscape architecture. “Cities are competing regionally for young intelligent people who are very mobile and can move to any community depending on the package of high-quality places with transportation options.” Read more.

No new bike lanes this summer in Thunder Bay

For the first summer in years, residents of Thunder Bay, Ont. won't see new additions to the city's 40 km of bike lanes. Read more.

Skateboarding in Kamloops on display at museum

“The Kamloops Museum and Archives has a new exhibition on display.” That’s a phrase which would usually put young folks to sleep; this show is different, though. Ground Control is about skateboard culture, and the skateboarding community in Kamloops. Read more.

A walker's paradise: Barcelona to create pedestrian-friendly zones spanning 77% of the city

Whether you enjoy strolling along the beachfront or sauntering up La Rambla, if on foot is your favourite way to explore Barcelona then you're in luck as the city is set to become even more walkable. Barcelona plans to turn 50 per cent of the roads used by cars into pedestrian-friendly zones by 2018 in a bid to make the city more green. Read more.

Calgary speed limit study rejected but council approves rest of pedestrian strategy

City council adopted a new strategy Tuesday aimed at making Calgary safer and more convenient for pedestrians but rejected a major plank of the proposal — a study of lower speed limits in residential areas. Read more.

Cycling Is Always Good For You, Despite The Pollution, Research Claims

You’re probably also aware that cycling and walking are good for you. But are they still good for you if you live in a major – and majorly polluted – city? The answer, according to a new study, is yes. Read more.

Exercise can prevent aging brain diseases, research shows

That extra walk you fit in after dinner, or gym session before work, aren’t just good for maintaining a healthy weight — they also play a role in protecting your brain as it ages. Read more.

What's the cost of cycling vs driving?

The social costs of cycling are much lower than those of driving but according to a recent Danish study it's not because of reduced pollution or emissions. Read more.

Toronto healthier than other parts of Ontario: study

According to recently released data from Toronto Public Health, the city performs better than the rest of the province in a number of key health areas, including obesity, incidences of cancer and life expectancy. Read more.

Portraits of Stylish Cyclists and Their Beloved Bikes

“Cycling has sort of been perceived as something that only spandex-clad weekend warriors can do,” says Polcer, who works as a freelance photographer and as the director of communication for the educational nonprofit Bike New York. “I have no problems with those folks, but they aren't the only ones riding.” Read more.

Does New York Need a Floating Pedestrian Bridge?

“Citizen Bridge”—a proposal to build a floating pedestrian bridge between Governors Island and Red Hook in Brooklyn—is still a ways off from becoming a reality. But it is about to inch that much closer. Read more.

Cycling: how to ride in a group

The thrill of riding in a bunch, working together to draft and save energy, is one of the joys of cycling – but it can be daunting … and sometimes dangerous. Read more.

'Bicycle highway' from Taj to Etawah lion safari approved

An over 197-km long 'bicycle highway' will be developed from Taj Mahal in Agra to the lion safari in Etawah to encourage eco-tourism in the vicinity of historical and tourist places. Read more.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Debate over who gets to use Ottawa Valley rail trail gears up

Opinion is divided among elected officials in both Lanark and Renfrew counties over whether a planned 296-kilometre trail should be open to snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Read more.

Making cycling easier in Cambridge

The City of Cambridge, in conjunction with the Region of Waterloo and the non-profit group Cycling into the Future, is working to put more bums on bikes this year. Read more.

New bicycle repair shop coming to Portage

Cyclists in Portage la Prairie will have a hub to fix their bikes soon. The Community Bicycle Repair Shop is a partnership between the Portage Active Transportation Committee and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA) Central Region. Read more.

Toronto - Pedestrian crosswalk is definitely not the better way: The Fixer

A pedestrian crosswalk filled with cracks and uneven edges is a recipe for a face-first disaster. Read more.

Calgary great skate debate may finally end after years of pointless regulations

First, Calgary officially endorsed road hockey, erasing a rule restricting nets from residential streets, and now, in a move certain to have the neighbourhood anti-fun cranks frothing once again, city council is preparing to allow backyard skateboard ramps for the first time in 30 years. Read more.

Summertime on the sidewalk: A taxonomy of pedestrian types

Streets that, during winter months, you had to yourself are suddenly bursting with biped meanderers; now, instead of simply going to the shops, you must first complete a complex obstacle course. It’s my belief that you can tell much about a person by the way they walk down a sidewalk. Read more.

'Walking school buses' pitched for Toronto's Beach neighbourhood

Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon says it’s time for parents in the Beach neighbourhood to kick the “bad habit” of driving their kids to school. “I get calls from constituents about all the crazy driving and parking around schools,” she said, noting schools in her ward have becomes sites of “unnecessary and unsafe” congestion. Read more.

Burlington sees 600 per cent increase in Bike to School Week participation

Students and teachers from more than 30 schools across Burlington have taken up the call to active to use active transportation during Bike to School Week. Read more.

Peddling a new look for Vancouver cyclists who are happy to ride without all the gear

Instead of a Gore-Tex jacket and Lycra bike shorts, he wears a suit jacket, a tie, long pants and shoes. He dresses in work clothes to remind himself not to cycle too fast. By cycling slow but steady, he doesn’t have to change clothes or take a shower before he’s ready to start work. Read more.

New bike corrals in place in Oakville's Downtown and Bronte and Kerr villages

The Town of Oakville recently installed bike corrals in the Downtown as well as Bronte and Kerr villages in an effort to encourage residents to enjoy these areas via cycling. Read more.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Québec - Road deaths up in 2015, pedestrian and cyclists' deaths at all-time low

After eight years of consecutive declines, road deaths increased last year, according to the latest figures released by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec. Read more.

Ottawa - Crosswalk coming to Lees Avenue following pedestrian safety concerns

Pedestrians feeling overwhelmed by an increase in traffic on Lees Avenue due to LRT construction will get some relief thanks to a new crosswalk, but it won't be up and running until September. Read more.

Which Is North America’s #1 Biking City?

Portland has long been North America’s #1 bike-friendly city. According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, 7.2% of “commuters go by bike.” That figure is taken from the 2014 census, which also shows the closest U.S. competitors as Minneapolis (4.6%), San Francisco (4.4%), and Seattle (3.7%). Now a new report shows that in 2015, 10% of Vancouver B.C.’s population pedaled  to work, and 7% of all daily trips were by bicycle. Read more.

Once called 'bicycle kingdom', Beijing space for pedallers shrinking

In 1986, about 63 percent people pedalled in the streets of Beijing. The number plummeted to 11 percent in 2015, thanks to China's galloping economy which is conspicuous on its roads where cars of every description from Hummer to Lamborghini jostle for space every day. Read more.

Upgrades will ease pedestrian access to Calgary's Chinook Centre

Outside of the downtown, it’s the busiest pedestrian intersection in Calgary. But within a few years, pedestrians will no longer have to make the mad dash across the multiple lanes of Macleod Trail at 61 Avenue SW to get to Chinook Centre. Read more.

New cycling lanes installed in Saskatoon's downtown

As part of the City of Saskatoon protected bike lane pilot project, city crews installed two new dedicated cycling lanes along Fourth Avenue from 19th to 24th Streets. The additions are an extension of the 23rd Street protected bike lanes which the city installed last year. Read more.

How Toronto Can Expand Bike Parking

In Toronto, the City’s Transportation Services Division is responsible for sidewalk bike parking as well as other short- and long-term bike parking facilities. Although Toronto is not yet home to automated underground bike storage, Transportation Services manages several other solutions that allow for a higher volume of bike parking and a greater level of security. Read more.

Winnipeg - Councillors move for higher bike safety standards

Councillors Russ Wyatt (Transcona) and Jason Schreyer (Elmwood) passed a motion making it mandatory for all cyclists, regardless of age, to wear helmets and to have bells and both front and rear lights on their bicycles. The front lights would be a headlight-style light while the rear ones could either be headlights or reflectors. Read more.

Planning Method Offers Way to Prioritize Pedestrian, Bike Projects

For decades, highway engineers have had a universally accepted means of measuring the effectiveness of new or improved roads, and that metric, known as “level of service,” has also profoundly reshaped the way our cities and towns look and function. Read more.

New Spring Garden crosswalk eases pedestrian safety worries

When a demolition project began between Queen and Brunswick streets, some were worried pedestrians had to either jaywalk or walk in traffic along the construction fence. Initially the city said it wasn’t planning crosswalks to deal with the problem. A crosswalk appeared about a month after a story was published about the problem. Read more.