Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canada’s first active transportation conference

Canada’s first active transportation rendezvous will be held in Montreal, June 3, during the one and only Montreal Bike Fest! Vélo Québec invites transportation specialists as well as engaged citizens to share their experiences in working towards the development of cities and neighborhoods on a human scale.

It will be an exceptional occasion to bring together pioneers and developers working in the burgeoning field of active transportation. Urban planning professionals, public health and education practitioners, municipal and community representatives, as well as academics and consultants will be on hand.

The On the move in the community! conference will take place during the annual Montreal Bike Fest, the most fun you can have on two wheels! What a great opportunity for visitors to discover the city through the world-famous Tour de l’Île de Montréal and Tour la Nuit rides or by mounting a cutting-edge BIXI !

Forty local and international speakers and specialists, experts in their field, will present winning formulas that have proven successful in public awareness campaigns and cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly urban planning endeavors. Papers will be presented in one of the following formats: as a workshop, as a panel discussion or as poster session. The event will be held in both official languages. Simultaneous translation will be available during the June 3 conferences.

IMPORTANT: Call for papers, February 22 Link

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Walkability increases home values

This paper explores the connection between home values and walkability, as measured by the Walk Score algorithm. Walk Score measures the number of typical consumer destinations within walking distance of a house, with scores ranging from 0 (car dependent) to 100 (most walkable). By the Walk Score measure, walkability is a direct function of how many destinations are located within a short distance (generally between one-quarter mile and one mile of a home). Our measure of walkability reflects the convenience and proximity of having shopping and cultural activities close at hand, as well as the value households attach to mixed-use neighborhoods.

[US Study, August 2009 publication date]

One hour of driving could reduce life by 20 minutes: Study

Vancouver Sun, February 2
Author: Canwest News Service

Researchers at a Toronto hospital say that every hour spent driving could lead to a 20-minute loss in life expectancy.

The School Travel Planning (STP) Winter 2010 newsletter

The School Travel Planning (STP) Winter 2010 newsletter is now available online.

Walkolution News - January 2010

PDF available online.

Trails program links County of Simcoe and local municipalities

The Enterprise-Bulletin, January 30

A new County of Simcoe initiative is connecting local municipalities, including the City of Barrie, in a way that encourages residents to get out of their vehicles and enjoy the great outdoors.

County Council is committed to the 2008 County of Simcoe Transportation Master Plan recommendation to increase funding for active transportation opportunities and infrastructure throughout the region.

Skateboarding - Tunebug shows off Vibe and Shake sound generators

Macworld, February
Author: Jonathan Seff

The Shake, which Tunebug plans to release in April for $120, builds on the Vibe concept by adding Bluetooth connectivity and touch-sensitive buttons for power and volume control. It’s designed specifically for use with sport helmets for biking, skateboarding, and skiing[.]

Group wants better transit, cycling and walking

The Record, February 9
Author: Terry Pender

Municipalities in this area receive millions in federal gasoline-tax dollars that should be spent on sustainable and active transportation such as transit, cycling and walking, says a grassroots organization called the Tri-Cities Transport Action Group (triTAG).

Bike lane funding sought

Winnipeg Sun, February 9

The city will seek funding for a new bike lane on Pembina Highway just north of Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

The public works and infrastructure re-newal committee voted unanimously Tuesday to direct city staff to look for available funding in the existing budget to create the active transportation path on a stretch of Pembina between Chevrier Boulevard and Plaza Drive slated for resurfacing.

The recommendation for the path, projected to cost about $650,000, was supported by St. Norbert Coun. Justin Swandel and several delegations at the meeting Tuesday.

City protects pedestrians

Brampton Guardian, February 9
Author: Pam Douglas

The [City of Brampton] has adopted a new Pedestrian Safety Plan, one that has been in the works for more than a year. It outlines what the city can do to make existing streets and future roadways as safe for pedestrians as possible.

Engineer recommends three-lanes for River Road West

Wasaga Sun, February 9
Author: Trina Berlo

Experts are recommending River Road West be widened to three lanes, allowing for a two-way left turn centre lane, with sidewalks and bike lanes on each side of the road, as a means of solving current traffic congestion and addressing future growth.

Brockville needs a Recreation Director

A Recreation Director working side by side with the Operations Director could provide a balanced focal point for an Active Transportation Advisory Committee. People won't be guilted, shamed or cajoled to get out of their cars and start walking or cycling around town. First they need to rediscover the simple joy of walking and cycling, as they remember how it was to be a kid and have fun. Only then can they be encouraged to have fun while running around town, by walking/cycling/skating instead of driving.

Midtown Footbridge now part of City, Lansdowne plans

Ottawa East EMC, February 12
Author: Desmond Devoy

The Midtown Footbridge proposal is gaining attention at City Hall and Lansdowne Park. The pedestrian and cycling link crossing the Rideau Canal between Old Ottawa East and The Glebe is now being studied by the City of Ottawa and is part of the planning for the Lansdowne Live redevelopment plan.

A pedestrian-friendly city

Sudbury Star, February 12
Author: Mike Whitehouse

It's something most Greater Sudbury residents take for granted: This is a dangerous if not impossible city to navigate on foot or by bike.

But Greater Sudbury can be a walking-and cycling-friendly city, argues Deb McIntosh, executive director of Rainbow Routes.

Nelson transportation plan presented

Nelson Star, February 11
Author: Sam Van Schie

Nelson should aim to reduce single occupancy vehicle use by seven per cent within 10 years, according to its draft Active Transportation Plan.

Active transportation gets going

Uptown Magazine, February 11
Author: Marlo Campbell

Winnipeg's cycling infrastructure is about to get a major facelift thanks to an unprecedented financial investment in active transportation.

Last September, as part of the federal government's stimulus plan, $20.4 million was committed to the expansion and improvement of Winnipeg's AT network, an amount confirmed by city council in December when it approved the 2010 capital budget.

New York City - Active Design Guidelines

The Active Design Guidelines provides architects and urban designers with a manual of strategies for creating healthier buildings, streets and urban spaces, based on the latest academic research and best practices in the field.

Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2010 Benchmarking Report

Quick Fact Sheet. Access the complete report at:

Portland promotes urban cycling, but costs will be high

The Oregonian/The Associated Press, February 4
Author: Joseph Rose

The 2030 Portland Bicycle Plan, envisioning a future when 25 percent of trips are made by bike, is expected to coast to approval when it goes before the City Council today.

It's easy to green-light America's most ambitious investment in bicycling when it would be funded down the road. But according to city transportation officials, the plan to build 681 miles of new bikeways over the next 20 years will eventually cost $613 million.

First Lady Launches Childhood Obesity Push With Nod to Biking & Walking, February 9
Author: Elana Schor

First Lady Michelle Obama took to the mikes this afternoon to kick off a national campaign to combat childhood obesity, emphasizing new initiatives to promote biking and walking alongside a strong focus on healthier food options in schools.

Yes, Chairs in Times Square Will Be a Permanent State

An eight-month trial called Greenlight closed 42nd to 47th Streets to traffic. The trial was undertaken to see if getting rid of the three-way intersection where Broadway meets Seventh Avenue would speed up traffic.

Mayor Bloomberg announced this past Thursday at a news conference that traffic in the area is down as result of the changes; in addition, he claims that traffic speed increased by approximately seven percent.