Saturday, December 15, 2012

Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

This is a global list of electric bike manufacturers. Read more.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cyclists and Pedestrians Can End Up Spending More Each Month Than Drivers

[F]or all of the other business types examined, bikers actually out-consumed drivers over the course of a month. True, they often spent less per visit. But cyclists and pedestrians in particular made more frequent trips (by their own estimation) to these restaurants, bars and convenience stores, and those receipts added up. Read more.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute Releases new Complete Streets report

On Dec 10, 2012 the Victoria Transport Policy Institute released Evaluating Complete Streets: The Value of Designing Roads For Diverse Modes, Users and Activities. The report discusses differences between conventional transport planning and Complete Streets planning, especially relating to costs and benefits. Read more.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boosted Boards Electric Longboard, the future in urban transit?

Electric-powered longboards: Is your municipality ready? Read more, and also here.

Ottawa - Bylaws need to consider longboards, councillor says

Skateboards have been in legal limbo in Ottawa because a bylaw says they aren’t allowed on roadways and sidewalks. Roadways, under the bylaw definition, don’t include shoulders. Read more.

Sustainability Assessment: Longboards

Longboarding is an activity that has been growing in popularity among college students in recent years as a way of transportation across campus as well as a recreational sport. Longboarding in and of itself is a carbon neutral means of transportation, so [the students who conducted this study] thought it would be interesting to investigate the environmental and social impacts of the product’s manufacturing process. Read more.

Peterborough - By-law review for Active Transportation: Bikes, Boards, Skates and E-bikes

The City of Peterborough is conducting a review of several by-laws that regulate active forms for transportation (such as cycling, skateboarding, skating, and e-bikes). These by-laws govern such things as bike licensing, where bikes can drive and the use of skateboards and skates on roads. City staff have conducted research into potential options regarding the use of sidewalks and roads by these modes of travel. Current by-laws prohibit all these modes on sidewalks and roads, except for bicycle and e-bikes, which are permitted on roads. Read more.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Effective Strategies to Influence Travel Behaviour: Practical Guide

Various governments and organizations across Canada are investigating strategies to motivate sustainable travel habits among Canadians. Social marketing is one of the tools that can be used to shift long-term consumer behaviour. It emphasizes the need for a thorough understanding of target markets, motivators and barriers to desirable behaviours.

Users of this Guide will understand the need for holistic, market-based social marketing approaches to influence travel behaviour. Public and private sector organizations will also learn which transportation demand management tools are effective in their jurisdictional, community and strategic contexts.
From the Transportation Association of Canada, hard copy or CD: Non-members $65, TAC Members $49. To order.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

BBC cycling documentary is 'irresponsible', says MP

The MP who chairs the all-party cycling group writes to new BBC head to express his concerns over "The War on Britain's Roads". Read more.

Plateau shop owner blames borough for lost sales

A Montreal business owner who shut down her store this week is blaming what she calls the Plateau Mont-Royal's anti-car agenda on plummeting sales. Read more.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pedestrian deaths dominate Vancouver traffic fatalities

The records show in each of the past five years, more pedestrians have been killed in Vancouver than drivers, passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists combined. Read more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When does an e-bike become a motorcycle?

In the plenary session, European lawmakers decided on Tuesday (20 November) that any electronically power assisted cycle (EPAC) under 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour would remain a bicycle. Anything more powerful is considered a motorbike, in line with the European Commission’s original proposal. Read more.

The Top 10 Smartest Cities In North America

Some cities are adding high-tech infrastructure. Some are implementing revolutionary sustainability plans. Others are fostering innovative business and science developments. But which city combines these qualities and others to be the smartest city? Read more.

10 Techniques for Making Cities More Walkable

In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys to creating walkability. Most of them also have something to do with redressing the deleterious effects caused by our allowing cars to dominate urban spaces for decades. Read more.

The Art Of Lobbying: 7 Tips For Bicycle Advocates

Fresh out of recent talks with European officials, ECF thought we’d share some expertise from Europe’s bicycle advocates. What are their top tips when you come to face to face with a transport Minister, a local politician or someone strategically important? Read more.

Cool Kids Bike Helmets

These helmets are fully tested and certified to meet British and European (but not Canadian or US)  safety standard BS EN 1078:1997 and can be used for cycling, scooters, skateboarding and inline skating. Read more.

How children lost the right to roam in four generations

In suburban Sheffield, England, in 2007, a report chronicled the lives of four generations in one family who all lived in the same area. When George was 8 in 1919, he was allowed to walk six miles to go fishing. His son Jack, 8 years old in 1950, could go to the woods a mile away. Vicky, 8 in 1979, was permitted to go only half a mile to a swimming pool, and Vicky’s son Ed, 8 in 2007, is restricted to his own block, about 300 yards. Read more.

Washington Post Opinion - It’s time we stopped living with roads that are killing us

In 2008 and 2009, motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for Americans ages 8 to 34, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analysis. Where does the blame rest? The sad fact is that we — our society as a whole — created this problem. That’s because we relentlessly build communities that aren’t safe to walk in. Read more.

Calgary’s first bicycle co-ordinator opens up about the city and his plans for it

While the idea of a bicycle co-ordinator is new for Calgarians, it’s not new to Thivener. He grew up in the car-centric ‘burbs of Arizona, pining for a car as a teenager like most North American teens. But as he developed an interest in city planning and spent time studying in both Vancouver and Scandinavia – his description of a “eureka” bicycle moment when he first stepped off the train in Copenhagen borders on archetypal — he says he started realizing the potential benefits of making cities friendlier to bikes. Read more.

Widowed husband calls for safer cycling in P.E.I.

The husband of an Alberta cyclist killed by a drunk driver in P.E.I. last summer is calling on the provincial government to make roads and highways safer for cyclists. Read more.

What 76 percent of Americans don’t do every week

Americans don’t walk or bike for more than 10 minutes continuously in a typical week, reported a study out of the Yale School of Public Health. As it turns out, those who choose to regularly walk or cycle to and from their destination had lower BMI (body mass index), trimmer waists and a lower risk of hypertension and diabetes.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Transport Choice Or Industry Protection

Despite rhetoric, the European Commission is allowing the car industry to be favoured over more sustainable modes of transport. In addition to industry subsidies in the form of research, road infrastructure receives 47% of the EU’s transport infrastructure funds. Only 0.7% of EU funding has been allocated to cycling infrastructure between 2007 and 2013. Read more.

Ontario to Consider Mandatory Bike Helmets

Ontario has unveiled plans for a cycling strategy to boost safety on increasingly traffic-clogged roads, but the government isn’t ready to decide whether to make helmets mandatory for all bike riders. Read more.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ontario Ministry of Transportation Cycling Strategy

The Strategy describes what the Ontario Government is currently doing to encourage cycling, as well outlining what the Ministry will do to further advance it. The Strategy aims to provide a policy framework that will:

  • Enhance cycling infrastructure in the province
  • Enhance cycling safety through education and legislation
  • Ensure relevancy through monitoring, researching and coordination

The Strategy is intended to replace the Ministry’s Bicycle Policy, which was released in 1992. Read more.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

EU Opens Market for 500 W – 70 km/h MTB e-Bikes

Selling a MTB styled 500 Watt – 70 km/h e-bike in Europe is made very easy with the new regulations on type-approval, which were approved by the European Parliament last week. The new Regulations allow the sale of such vehicles without any type-approval or homologation procedure! The European Union opens its markets for such MTB styled speed pedelecs causing serious safety risks, warns the European Two-Wheeler Retailers’ Association. Read more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EuroVelo: Fund It To Finish It.

EuroVelo still has some way to go before it is complete. ECF estimates that finalizing the 14 routes of the EuroVelo network, totalling about 70,000 km, would come at a price tag of about € 1.5 – 2 billion. However, when complete, it will bring in an estimated €5 billion in annual economic benefits. Read more.

Vancouver city council approves long-term transportation plan

City council approved a long-term transportation plan today (October 31) that sets a goal for at least two-thirds of trips in Vancouver to be made by foot, bike or transit by 2040. Read more.

Why Don't Young Americans Buy Cars?

Kids these days. They don't get married. They don't buy homes. And, much to the dismay of the world's auto makers, they apparently don't feel a deep and abiding urge to own a car. Read more.

Bike paths and hiking trails coming to Essex County

To make the area a bigger tourism draw and get residents more physically fit, county council approved a plan Wednesday to build 700 kilometres of trails and paths over the next 20 years. Read more.

Vision Vancouver bike share program puts millions in taxes at risk

Vancouver’s Bixi public bike share program may sound like good public policy but, in the end, it will be taxpayers who will get taken for a ride. Vancouver taxpayers are dangerously close to being forced to pay a big bill for furthering Vision’s bike agenda. Until the bike share can be run without a taxpayer subsidy—as the car shares are—it should be put on hold. Read more.

Less than 25 Percent of Americans Walk for More Than Ten Minutes

Using cross-sectional data from the 2007–2008 and 2009–2010 cycles of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), Furie and his colleague, Mayur M Desai, Ph.D., associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health were surprised to find that less than one quarter of U.S. adults in a nationally representative sample reported walking or bicycling for transportation for more than 10 minutes continuously in a typical week.
The study identified reasons why government policies and infrastructure, along with “built environment interventions,” should allow and encourage active transportation. Communities that do so may promote dedicated bicycle lanes and routes, educate residents about bike and motor vehicle road-sharing, provide bicycle storage, and integrate public transportation for both pedestrians and cyclists.
Read more.

$1 million from gas tax to fund active transportation in rural Manitoba

The province and federal government announced that $1 million from the federal gas tax fund will be provided to fund active transportation. Communities with populations of fewer than 50,000 people are eligible to apply to cost-share active transportation projects with the government over the next two years, up to a maximum of $50,000 per project. Eligible projects could include bike racks or lockers, bike paths, sidewalks and other pedestrian paths.

The province is also launching an active transportation website at

Nova Scotia - Sustainable Transportation Grant Program

The Province is pleased to announce today the pilot launch of Nova Scotia Moves, a grant program to support locally-based sustainable transportation initiatives. This program is one of the actions intended to support the forthcoming strategy, and more importantly, to help support the work all of you are doing on sustainable transportation.
Attached, you will find the program description. An application form can be requested by e-mail or found on our The deadline for the pilot round isDec 21 at noon. A second call for applications is planned for early 2013, so we encourage you to consider projects for this round as well as the next round, should you need more time.

Ditch the car to walk or cycle short journeys 'for healthier Britain'

In strongly-worded advice, which places significant pressure on the government to increase the extent of safe walking and cycling routes, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) urges local authorities, health bodies, workplaces and schools to do all they can to assist people in active travel. Read more.

Breen: Active Transportation Plan ‘dangerous’

“For the love of God, I don’t get this at all,” councillor Doug Breen said on Monday night following a presentation from members of the committee in charge of the plan. Breen was particularly critical of the portion of the plan calling for more than 50km of paved shoulders on county roads within the township. Read more.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Active transportation workshop for Digby

Cara Sunderland wants to help you walk more. Or bike, or skate. She has organized an active transportation workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 30 to get people in the Digby area thinking. Read more.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ottawa - Bikeway plans miss the mark, residents say

Sandy Hill resident and cyclist Tom Barber said he can't understand why the bikeway isn't proposed to follow a more obvious, direct route over the Mackenzie-King Bridge to Albert and Slater streets, which currently form the downtown spine of the bus Transitway. Another city study called Downtown Moves is looking at possibilities for more active transportation modes on those streets when most buses are removed when the city gets its underground light-rail line completed in 2018. Read more.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kamloops - Residents want more trail connections

Surveys show Kamloops residents love their trails and walkways. They love them for walking, for cycling and for running. Read more.

Toronto - Transportation Mobility Seminar

Due to an unforeseen scheduling problem, we have changed the date of our Integrated Mobility Seminar with Michael Glotz-Richter to Friday, October 26, from 2 to 4pm. We apologize for this change -- and this extra email - but hope that you'll register today!

As we tackle a myriad of transportation challenges across the GTA and beyond, there is much to learn from
Michael's decade of trailblazing mobility work with the City of Bremen in Germany. Some of the key questions we’ll be answering include:
  • What political, institutional, cultural and financial arrangements has Bremen used to promote and integrate public transit, taxis, cycling and car-sharing?
  • Can the GTA draw inspiration from Bremen to implement and ultimately build on Metrolinx’s Big Move plan?
  • What mobility pricing measures and other funding tools should be part of the mix?
For more information and to register, see Please note that Governance Summit delegates are admitted free but must register for this event as well.

Kelowna - Catch a ride to work, reduce car emissions and win prizes

“We are encouraging residents of The Central Okanagan to give carpooling a try,” said Mike Kittmer, Active Transportation coordinator for the City of Kelowna. “ is funded in part by the City and its partners, to provide a tool to help you find a carpool match.” Read more.

Ottawa - Two-Day Professional Training Session on Bicycle-Friendly and People-Friendly Cities

This November and December, a team of internationally known experts from The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the United States are traveling across North America with an innovative training program called "The Kickstand Sessions".
Customized training sessions take European expertise and an understanding of North American context to develop solutions that suit the unique characteristics of each city. Trainers coach participants to discover local solutions in planning, policy, culture and marketing which will permit people of all ages, abilities, genders and ethnicities to bicycle more often.
For more information, go to the Kickstand website.

Winnipeg - Traffic Circles

The City of Winnipeg said it plans to update five traffic circles along Grosvenor Avenue to boost safety for cyclists and pedestrians, but some residents worry the changes won't help. Read more.

Edmonton - Study suggests city’s new ‘sharrows’ are ineffective

 A new study out of British Columbia suggests the use of shared bike-car lanes on major roads doesn’t actually increase safety for cyclists and may pose a greater risk if they add confusion to the streets. Read more.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Towns planning bike route between New Glasgow, Trenton Park

The planned route would create a safe bike lane on the side of the road so New Glasgow and Trenton residents can travel via bike to and from Trenton Park and not have to worry about cars. Read more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bike helmets help prevent fatal head injuries

Cycle without a bike helmet and you make yourself three times more likely to die of a serious head injury, says a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal Monday. The findings represent the first time that a link has been established between the wearing of a helmet and protection against a serious head injury, said lead author Dr. Navindra Persaud of the family and community medicine department at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Read more.

Link to CMAJ research available at full article.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hamilton can improve pedestrian safety with more 'complete streets'

Hamilton does have a Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan that is in the process of development. The plan, which is soon to be put before City Council for approval, was initiated in 2010. [I]t does address many concerns surrounding safety and offers a “toolbox” to city planners for reducing collisions and improving pedestrian safety, said Steve Molloy, project manager of the Master Plan. Read more.

Adelaide plan puts people before cars

A report from Danish architect Professor Jan Gehl urges major streets be closed off during lunchtime trading, the public have access to the Government House gardens and that a public bath be built on the River Torrens. Read more.

Collingwood [ON] Active Transportation Plan

The draft of the Collingwood Active Transportation Plan wil be presented to Council on [October 15, 2012]. You can read the plan online at this link:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Haliburton streetscape to benefit pedestrians

It’s hard to ignore the delays and the noise caused by the construction on the downtown streets in Minden and Haliburton. However it’s a small price for a better future for everyone. It is an integral step for pedestrian safety and greater economic prosperity, said Communities in Action Committee chairwoman Sue Shikaze. Read more.

How Bicycling Creates Economic Impact: A Tale of Two Cities

The conventional wisdom assumes that massive transportation projects are far more economically strategic than bike lanes. But the release of two studies from two very different cities – Portland, OR and New York City – reveals that bicyclists and pedestrians may spend more than their peers who arrive at the same neighborhoods via automobile or public transportation. Read more.

ParticipACTION October Newsletter

Read here.

Edmonton - Kids encouraged to walk, cycle to school

The Edmonton Public schools board of trustees asked all Edmonton schools to implement active transportation plans to encourage safe, non-motorized transportation to school. Read more.

Huntsville ON - Online survey helps plan for active transportation boost

Residents have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new active transportation study in Huntsville. The town has partnered with Ryerson University on a study to identify where residents want to walk or ride their bikes in Huntsville. The study will help highlight where the town can link existing trails or create new ones to make it easier for people to move around town without a car. Rebecca Francis, sustainability co-ordinator for the town, said part of the study includes a survey to find out what residents are looking for in active transportation. Read more.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Parking rates rise with Calgary leading Canadian cities

Here's more fuel to add to the argument for ditching the car and using public transit or pedal power. Read more.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Manitoba - Bike to the Future and Car Insurance

Bike to the Future's Co-Chair, Tom McMahon, appeared before the Manitoba Public Utilities Board (PUB) in September to make a presentation on Manitoba Public Insurance’s (MPI) 2013-2014 rate application. The presentation pointed out many actions that MPI could take to increase the safety of cyclists on Manitoba roadways, and asked the PUB to tell MPI to improve and increase its public education for drivers and cyclists. Read more.

Off on the Right Foot!

Active and Safe Routes to School in Manitoba e-newsletter, September 2012. Link.

Bradfor West Gwillimbury ON - Committee launches Bradford transit petition

Concerned that transit in Bradford West Gwillimbury may be in for a rough ride come budget time, the town’s active transportation committee has launched a petition meant to demonstrate to council that residents support the initiative. Read more.

Public to get first glimpse of downtown Vancouver cycling, pedestrian greenway

Downtown residents will get their first look this week at a proposed multi-million-dollar cycling and pedestrian greenway that will stretch along Comox and Helmcken streets, from Stanley Park to the seawall in Yaletown. Read more.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bike riding up 26% in Metro Vancouver says TransLink

Bicycle use is up 26 per cent over the last three years in Metro Vancouver while bus trips are up 17 per cent, according to figures released by TransLink. The figures, which were included in the 2013 Base Plan are good news, according to Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs, who notes car use only increased by four per cent over the same period – far less that the population increase of six per cent. Read more.

Edmonton Public School Board calls on all schools to have active transportation plans

The Edmonton Public School Board has enacted a policy to encourage students and parents to look to active transportation first when heading to school. In a release Wednesday, the board said the plan has many benefits, including increased safety, reduction in car volume and traffic volume as well as health benefits for students. Read more.

Walkfest to highlight barriers to active transportation

The Pictou County Active Transportation Committee is inviting all candidates for the upcoming municipal elections to a "Walk and Talk" event as part of Pictou County's Walkfest 2012. Read more.

Reduce Speeds, Ontario Coroner Urges

Pedestrian fatalities are far more likely to occur in areas where cars drive at higher speeds and the province should consider lower speed limits on unmarked residential streets, according to a report released Wednesday. Read more.

More bicyclists means fewer accidents, Phila. finds

As the number of bicyclists on Philadelphia streets has risen, cyclists and city officials have seen a counterintuitive result: The number of bike crashes and deaths has declined. Read more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moscow - Bike culture getting on track

For years, Moscow has stood out among major international cites for its undeveloped cycling infrastructure. Recently, some steps aimed at improving the situation have been taken, but a long road still lies ahead. Read more.

HRM (Halifax) mayoral candidates tackle transportation issues

All the candidates seemed to agree on the need to unify transportation and transit planning in Halifax. They concurred on the need to boost ridership on transit, and to encourage active transportation such as walking and cycling. Read more.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proposed footbridge between Glebe and Old Ottawa East example of ‘better way,’ says councillor

A $17.5-million pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Rideau Canal is needed in the community and should be assessed in the context of city goals to link different areas and get people out of their cars, says the area’s councillor. Read more.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Communities Across Ontario Want Active Transportation with More Emphasis on Public Transit and Cycling

If they could design infrastructure for the needs of their community ten years from now, almost three quarters (73%) of Ontarians would place more emphasis on public transit according to a new Ipsos Reid poll released on behalf of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. Not far behind in priority, six in ten (60%) would place more emphasis on cyclists. Further, a majority (52%) would place more emphasis on infrastructure for pedestrians. Read more.

Bike Calgary helps launch Ride the City for cyclists

Commuting on bike may be a little easier in Calgary thanks to a new open-data application that not only plans routes but allows cyclists to alter the map. Read more.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Windsor - University plans to close Sunset Ave.

The University of Windsor unveiled its plans to permanently close Sunset Ave. and transform it into a pedestrian esplanade. The plan is to transform Sunset Ave. between Fanchette and Wyandotte Streets into a plaza with benches, planters and parkettes where students can congregate.

The university’s spokesperson Holly Ward says the closure was a way to deal with the growing traffic on the street. Read more.

Bixi company struggles with deficit

In 2012, PBSC expected revenue of $91 million and profits nearing $11 million. According to Radio-Canada, revenues are more likely to reach $49.6 million and the profits are projected to tank, with the company losing $2.8 million. Read more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vancouver’s ‘anti-car’ plans going too fast for some

Charles Gauthier of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association says he has concerns the new bridge plans could impact the flow of goods into the province’s major “economic engine” and create “choke-points.” Read more.

Charlottetown - Bike lane widths worry councillor

An inconsistency in the size of bike lanes around Charlottetown, varying from very wide to very narrow is attracting concern of a city councillor and some cyclists. Read more.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In ‘City of Cyclists’, cops accused of putting cars first

The police in Copenhagen have blood on their hands.” That accusation was levelled last week by the renowned bicycle consultancy Copenhagenize. In a blog post, it argued that the police are a major obstacle in getting more Copenhageners on their bicycles and improving their safety once they’re on the street. Read more.

Bike Benefit Calculator

Riding a bike to work is going to save you money. The bike benefit calculator will tell you down to the dollar. It even gives you a measure of the health and environmental benefits to be gained by trading four wheels for two. Calculate your trips.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

E-Bike Market Share Grows to 20% in Holland

Market researcher GfK Retail & Technology analyzed from cash register entries at dealers and other distribution channels that during the first seven months of 2012 the sale of e-bikes continued to grow and now stands at a market share of 20% of all bike sales. Read more.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Edmonton hopes 'bike boxes' make intersections safer for cyclists

“Bike boxes make intersections better for everyone,” says city transportation engineer Andrew Siggelkow. “It allows drivers and cyclists to act predictably at intersections and be aware of one another, helping them share the road.” The city unveiled it's first box Thursday at the southside intersection of 116th Street and 87th Avenue. Read more.

OECD Better Life Index

The OECD Better Life Index is designed to let individuals to visualise and compare some of the key factors – like education, housing, environment, and so on – that contribute to well-being in OECD (and other) countries. It’s an interactive tool that allows you to see how countries perform according to the importance you give to each of 11 topics that make for a better life. Give it a try!

Alzheimer's could be the most catastrophic impact of junk food

A large body of evidence now suggests that Alzheimer's is primarily a metabolic disease. Some scientists have gone so far as to rename it: they call it type 3 diabetes. Read more.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Walking to school? What a novel concept!

Walking or biking to school didn’t used to require a crack organizational team, but it’s come to that in urban North America. Parents who drop off their kids at school as they rush to work, coupled with a fear of letting youngsters loose on busy city streets, has created a vast change in a single generation. Forty-one per cent of Canadian kids get a lift to school, compared to 13 per cent of their parents, according to a survey conducted earlier this year by a national coalition working to get students out of cars. Read more.

Council Plans to Improve Nelson’s Bicycle Paths and 'Walkability'

The City of Nelson plans to create interconnected bicycle pathways and bike parking facilities throughout the city. That’s a goal that will be incorporated into a new draft of Nelson’s 2008 Official Community Plan (OCP) at a council meeting in October. Read more.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Velo-city Vienna 2013 - Call For Contributions

Velo-city Vienna 2013 will be held from June 11-14 (2013) and will discuss the latest and greatest developments in the cycling world. The motto is “The Sound of cycling – Urban Cycling Cultures”. The main themes are:
  • Cycling cultures
  • Cycling cities
  • Cycling benefits
The DEADLINE for submission is Monday, 22 October 2012. For more information on the Call for Contributions visit the conference website:

Conference - Transport Futures

Building on our seven previous learning events, global and local experts will compare how Canadian, American and European governments deliver road, transit and parking infrastructure in terms of efficiency, transparency and innovation. Issues and questions to be discussed include:
  • Legislation: How does transport legislation enable or restrict innovative mobility planning? How does it fit with other pertinent statutes?
  • Board & Budget Decisions: How are agency board members and sub-committees appointed? Should non-elected boards be given the power to introduce new taxes?
  • Vertical & Horizontal Fragmentation: Do transportation “silos” within the public and private sector play a role in delaying the planning and construction of transit, road and parking infrastructure?
  • External Stakeholders: How do business, academic and non-profit stakeholders influence governance issues?
  • Public Skepticism: Since taxation is often viewed by citizens as “a bad thing”, how can transport governance help gain public trust for billion dollar infrastructure projects and mobility pricing?
For more information, click here.


Offered by American Trails:

DATE: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
TIME: 12:00pm-1:15pm Pacific / 3:00pm-4:15pm Eastern
COST: $25 American Trails members / $45 non-members

The first 100 to sign up receive a complimentary digital copy of the book "The Third Mode: Towards a Green Society."
To register: Click here.

Winnipeg - The city has made major gains in active transportation, but there are still some big holes in the network

It's been two years since a $20.4-million federal stimulus program helped kick-start Winnipeg's active-transportation network. Thanks to the cash, more than 100 kilometres of lanes, pathways and tracks were built in record speed. The good news is, Winnipeg has made major gains in making the bicycle a viable option for getting around. Read more.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seattle - Road Safety Action Plan

In 2011, [Seattle] held three Road Safety Summits across Seattle and asked residents, community organizations, and City representatives how we could improve transportation safety. With feedback from those summits, and a detailed data analysis, the City of Seattle and our community partners have developed a Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP). Read the complete plan.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Calgary sidewalk closure fees may rise

Officials plan to recommend council impose higher fees for sidewalk closures, particularly for when construction crews use up the pedestrian spaces longer than expected. "There’s more demand and a higher expectation on street usage by peds. Where a few years ago crossing a street and going down a block and crossing back over wasn’t seen as that big of a problem, it’s now become less acceptable than it used to be.” Read more.

Kelowna - UBCO thinks inside the (Bike)box

The University of British Columbia Okanagan is combining its security technology with a Saskatchewan inventor's bike locker to create safe, secure and keyless parking spots for staff members' bicycles. Read more.

Vancouver - City eyes plan to make Robson Street closure permanent

A temporary pedestrian plaza on Robson Street which became hugely popular during the Olympics could become permanent. The 800 block of Robson Street, between Hornby and Howe, will remain closed to vehicles until the end of the year following another successful summer as a pedestrian plaza, according to a city news release Wednesday.

City staff will then report to city council later this fall on plans for a permanent closure, which may go forward depending on feedback from the public, TransLink and local business owners, said Mayor Gregor Robertson. Read more.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The "war on motorists" is a myth

Everyone's feeling the pinch, but we shouldn't mistake that for a war on motorists. Read more.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Barrie ON: Bike lanes needed on Essa

The Allandale Neighbourhood Association (ANA) is circulating a petition urging Barrie to rethink its plans for Essa Road. In 2015, Barrie envisions four lanes under Highway 400, but between the highway and Anne Street, the road has three lanes in each direction, plus turning lanes, for a total of eight lanes.

The $35-million project doesn't include bike lanes because of "constraints of property acquisition and access through the Highway 400 structure," said Barrie's design and construction manager Bob Kahle. Read more.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hong Kong - $1b plan gives elderly, disabled welcome lift

A multimillion-dollar plan is under way to build elevators at footbridges and pedestrian subways to help the elderly and those with disabilities. Read more.

Spectacular New Floating Cycle Roundabout

The bright white 70 meters (230Ft) tall bridge pylon can be seen from far away. Attached to the top are 24 cables that suspend a large bicycle roundabout, 72 meters (236Ft) in diameter, that seems to float over a large new junction for motorized traffic. Read more.

Active Transportation in the North

Part of Burns Lake's down town revitalization plan is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by Active Transportation. The Boulevard Group out of Victoria is hired to do the work for Burns Lake, however, a delegation at the last Smithers town council meeting has got council thinking but not convinced. Read more.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Halifax NS - City should establish standards for trail construction

A city-wide standard for trail construction in new neighbourhoods in the Halifax region should be part of future subdivision planning, a regional council committee heard Thursday. Such uniformity would help ensure all developers are on the same page, council’s active transportation advisory committee was told. Read more.

Victoira BC - Don't go hastily down cycle path

Idealism should not trump common sense - $220 million is a lot of money to spend without a guarantee that it will reduce motorized traffic. "Build it and they will come" is a line from a movie, not a sound business plan. Read more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London ON - Health unit pushing city to cater to ‘human-powered’ transportation

With the goal of having more London residents use leg power over gas power, the Middlesex-London Health Unit is pitching ideas to the city on how to make the community more friendly to walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers. Read more.

Yonge St. pedestrians get more room in pilot project

Shops and restaurants along a stretch of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto are gearing up for a pilot project that will open up two additional traffic lanes to pedestrians starting Friday. Read more.

Friday, August 10, 2012

More Americans Walking, But Still Not Enough

According to 2010 data, almost 62 percent of American adults were taking at least one 10-minute walk per week, compared with 56 percent who did so in 2005, researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. Read more.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sarnia - Survey finds people want walking and cycle paths

A recent survey found strong support for more spending on cycling and walking routes, says the Lambton County Active Transportation Committee. Read more.

Sports Promote Healthy Weight in Teenagers

Teenagers can significantly lower their likelihood of being overweight or obese by walking or biking to school and playing on at least one high school sports team, but preferably two or more, a new study suggests.
In their study, which was published in the journal Pediatrics, Dr. Drake and his colleagues tried to quantify the impact that greater sports participation and less reliance on mass transit might have on childhood obesity. Read more.

European Greenways - Issue 15

Read it here.

Goodbye 1956 and the automobile, hello 2012 and the bicycle

Quick—name Vancouver’s first “auto-oriented” shopping centre. It’s Oakridge Centre. But that will likely change, according to a staff report going before city council on Wednesday which provides details on plans to redevelop the mall and surrounding property.

City staff says any new design should minimize traffic impacts and “encourage walking, cycling and transit over the private car.” It’s a direction embraced by Oakridge Centre owners, Ivanhoe Cambridge. Read more.

World Carfree News #96 - Summer 2012 - English Version

Read it here.

Bicycle Studies Pick Up Speed in Academia

More than 100 academic studies related to cycling have been published this year alone, including new research on the mathematical optimization of bike infrastructure, the health benefits of mass cycling events, and even the precise nature of the “wobble” that can strike riders at inopportune times. Lees-McRae College in North Carolina even offers a cycling minor. Read more.

Underpass Park in Toronto: Opens world of possibilities for Gardiner Expressway

Few people know that the land beneath the confluence of the Richmond St., Adelaide St. and Eastern Ave. overpasses, just west of the Don River, has been transformed from a desolate, neglected space into a park with skateboard ledges, basketball hoops and swings.

Christened Underpass Park, it’s the most extensive park to ever be built under an overpass in Canada, and the first of its kind in Toronto. It has been called brilliant, an urban oasis. Read more.

Victoria - Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan

As a key part of the Regional Transportation Plan to encourage active transportation, the Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan (PCMP) was developed to help direct planning and investment decisions that support more cycling and walking in everyday life. Read more.

Toronto - Completing Our Streets

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation is trying to foster visionary goals for improving Canada's public streets. Read more.

Charlottetown - Multi-million dollar 'Active Transportation' plan approved

The city of Charlottetown has officially approved a multi-million dollar plan aimed at encouraging people to get out and be more active through biking or walking in the P.E.I. capital region. Read more .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

City of Vancouver invites public participaton on plan for more bike lanes, transit service and walkability

The City of Vancouver is inviting public input on an ambitious draft transportation plan for 2040 until July 13, which includes plans for expanding bicycle routes, expanding pedestrian corridors and prioritizing better transit service in high commuter density areas such as the Broadway corridor. Read more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

District-wide active transportation plan possible for Edmonton Public School Board

Parents driving their kids to school is a growing trend, and it’s something the Edmonton Public School Board is trying to put the brakes on. Read more.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bradford wants your comments on implementation

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury's Council directed the active transportation committee to draft an implementation plan and budget for the introduction of transit to the community. Read more.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brakes off for Vancouver’s bike-friendly future

The Vision-Vancouver-dominated council approved plans Wednesday to launch a bike-share program by next spring, naming a Portland company, in conjunction with Montreal’s Bixi bikes, as the likely private partner. It declared that its two-year trial of separated bike lanes downtown is no longer a trial, but permanent. And the recently released draft transportation plan envisions an even more aggressively bike-friendly city, where trips by car are reduced from the current 60 per cent to only 33 per cent by 2040. Read more.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Physical inactivity costs [Canadian] taxpayers $6.8B a year

The more Canadians settle into a life of physical inactivity, the more they exact a toll on the country's health care system, a new study from Queen's University suggested. The report, published online in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, estimated the total cost of a life of lassitude had reached approximately $6.8 billion in 2009, or 3.7 per cent of all health care costs. Read more.

Vancouver - Bicycle lanes on Dunsmuir and Hornby streets should be permanent: report

Strong public support for Vancouver's separated bicycle lanes on Dunsmuir and Hornby streets shows the temporary lanes should now be made permanent. That's the conclusion of a city staff report going to council next week that recommends the city keep the structures in place. Read more.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quebec pledges $2.7 billion to tackle climate change

Quebec plans to spend $2.7 billion to tackle climate change by 2020. Quebec plans to spend two-thirds of the money on transportation measures, such as improving public transit, carpooling, taxi-sharing and active transportation like walking and cycling. Read more.

Esquimalt to seek funding again for Admirals Road improvements

One of the busiest streets in Esquimalt may go under the knife to receive bicycle lanes and traffic-calming measures, if outside funding can be secured. Read more.

2012 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card

According to the newly released 2012 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card, active play is on the decline in Canada. Almost half of our kids get only three hours or less of active play per week-including weekends.

Ottawa - Reimagining Downtown: Bicycles instead of buses

A working document that imagines a remaking of downtown Ottawa — after the rail system replaces 2,000 of the 2,600 bus trips currently made each day through the city core — proposes a dense network of segregated bicycle lanes on every major artery, shared bike and pedestrian routes on some roads, and many painted bike lanes on others. Read more.

Oakville launches interactive cycle/walk town map

The Town of Oakville announced yesterday (Tuesday), the launch of its interactive Cycle, Walk Oakville map, which offers a new way for cyclists and pedestrians to plan their route through the Town’s combined 255 kilometres of trails and paved bike paths. Read more.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pictou NS - Bike Week has something for everyone

“It really is for everyone,” said Active Pictou County Coordinator Rae Gunn. “Whether it’s someone just beginning and looking at getting a bike or someone that has been riding for awhile and wants to learn new routes to ride, there is something for everyone.” Read more.

German Government Gathers Cycling Literature

The German Institute of Urban Affairs has developed one of Europe’s largest databases on cycling literature. As of May 2012, the database contains over 2100 literature sources, of which 1.100 can be downloaded. Most literature is in German with 20% in English and French or at the very least with an English summary. Read more.

Melbourne AU - Draft Bicycle Plan 2012-16

The draft Bicycle Plan 2012-16 is the City of Melbourne’s action plan for bicycle infrastructure and programs to make Melbourne safer and more attractive for current and future cyclists.

By 2016, cycling will account for 6 per cent of all trips to and within the city, with bicycles representing more than 15 per cent of all vehicles entering the central city during the morning peak. Read more.

Trail plans put Richmond Hill ahead of curve

The town’s bike and pedestrian plan will shift into second gear this summer, as plans for new off-road bike lanes begin to take shape. To complement the existing 160 kilometres of road routes, which were completed last summer, the second phase of Richmond Hill’s pedestrian cycling master plan calls for another 39 km of off-road trails over the next 10 years. Read more.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sudbury - Drivers in bike lanes could face charges

People who live and cycle on a busy Sudbury street are upset that drivers are using the bikes lanes to pass other vehicles. Read more.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

BC - Cycling investment supports families and communities

The Province has doubled this year's investment in BikeBC, with $7.25 million to expand and build cycling lanes, trails and paths for B.C. families and communities. Read more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BMW’s Top Car Designer Notes Growing Importance of Two-Wheelers in Future Urban Mobility

In the interview with the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the following question was put to [Adrian van Hooydonk; director of BMW's design department]: “Will we still be driving cars in ten years from now?” Adrian van Hooydonk replied: “Yes, individual mobility will stay. But riding on two-wheels will become more important. Other vehicles will be used in cities that need less space, have lower emissions and no noise.” Read more.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why is walking in the woods so good for you?

Scientists have advanced a wide range of theories about the specific physical and mental benefits nature can provide, ranging from clean air and lack of noise pollution to the apparent immune-boosting effects of a fine mist of “wood essential oils.” But the most powerful benefits, a new study suggests, may result from the way trees and birds and sunsets gently tug – but never grab – at our attention. Read more.

Chicago's Ambitious Plan for Zero Traffic Fatalities

The city of Chicago’s transportation department, headed by commissioner Gabe Klein, has released a new “action agenda” called “Chicago Forward.” It contains a goal that has never to date been explicitly embraced by a major United States city: Eliminate all pedestrian, bicycle, and overall traffic crash fatalities within 10 years. Read more.

Australia - More bike lanes for central Melbourne

Separated bike lanes are set to be rolled out on three major CBD streets as Melbourne Council pushes for a 50 per cent increase in riders in the next five years. Read more.

Monday, May 28, 2012

UK - Momentum builds for 20mph speed limit

Could a universal 20 mph [32 kph] speed limit on residential streets soon be as widely accepted as the smoking ban in pubs? It's too soon to talk about a tipping point, but more and more UK local authorities are taking a close look at a policy which is winning wider public support. Read more.

Downtown bicycle lanes could cost Calgary $140,000 a year in lost parking revenue

Plans to eliminate up to 14 parking spots is a concern to both the Calgary Parking Authority and business owners, who fear they’ll also feel the loss if bike lanes are installed along 6th Street and 7th Street S.W. to Eau Claire Avenue. Read more.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

European Cycling Federation Newsletter: May 16, 2012

Read here.

Share the Road May 2012 Newsletter

Website of 'Share the Road'.

Toronto - Bike trail plans for three Scarborough waterfront parks shelved

Residents who objected and Scarborough councillors who agreed with them have won a fight to keep bike paths out of three waterfront parks. The City of Toronto planned to build the paths last year to fill in gaps in its Waterfront Trail that forced cyclists to move along an often-busy Kingston Road. Read more.

Waterloo - Region could nix bicycle-lane plan in Conestogo

Cyclists are outraged regional staff want to nix proposed bicycle lanes along Sawmill Road through the village of Conestogo. Read more.

Denmark - Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012

The first edition of Collection of Cycle Concepts was published in 2000 and enjoyed a wide circulation among everyone interested in bicycle traffic. The simultaneous publication of the English version spread the Danish bicycle traffic experience to many parts of the world. The second edition, Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012, updates the field, featuring new challenges and the latest knowledge.

Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012 is not intended to be a summary of Danish road standards, but to provide inspiration and motivation for creating more and safer bicycle traffic – in Denmark as well as the rest of the world. Learn more.

BC - Biking the Coast

Our population of 30,000 is distributed in a narrow band with clusters near business centres like Madeira Park, Sechelt, Roberts Creek and Gibsons. The short distances in centres make them well-suited for bike travel. Read more.

CSSS de Laval hops on bandwagon

To protect the environment and cut down on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Centre de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS) de Laval wants to promote—among its staff—means of transportation that are much less polluting than single-occupancy vehicle use. And that's why the CSSS has just hopped on the bandwagon of the STL Sustainable Mobility Solution. Read more.

Should bike sharing address only “the first and last mile problem?

Said another way, public bike share systems (PBSs) should not be thought of as only a complement to an existing transport system — they should be seen as the hopeful and probable replacement of some, most, or all existing motorized components of an existing transport system. Read more.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Off-road bike trails a concern in Willowdale neighbourhood

Plans to construct off-road bike trails in the Finch Avenue Hydro Corridor could be in for a rough ride, from a group of Willowdale homeowners who've turned the swath of wilderness into an unofficial neighbourhood park. "I don't really want to share my space with the cyclists," said resident Judy Bahniuk in a deputation to the city's Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. Read more.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skateboarders becoming a force to reckon with on streets

Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in North America: According to the National Sporting Goods Association in the U.S., participation in the sport nearly doubled between 1998 and 2007, with more young women also taking it up. Read more.

Vancouver bike lanes set to expand with Commercial Drive, Point Grey Road under consideration

Vancouver is considering turning parts of Commercial Drive, Point Grey Road and Cornwall Avenue into bikeways as part of the next phase of its quest to reduce bicycle-vehicle conflicts. Read more.

Manitoba - Bill loosens law for bikes on roads

The province plans to make it easier for municipalities to create designated bike lanes for cyclists. "Municipalities are asking for a way to address cycle traffic and bike lanes and so on within their municipal boundaries," Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux told reporters. "This will give them the bylaw-making authority to do that." Read more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Longboarder's death has riders assessing risks

Longboarder Benjamin Andringa said the city's back streets and alleys are the only safe place to ride these days, adding that Toronto drivers are simply too unpredictable. Read more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ottawa - New bike-share program set for launch in Hintonburg

A new non-profit is gearing up to launch a Hintonburg-based bike sharing program in what organizers hope will be the first step toward expanding the reach of inexpensive rental service to neighbourhoods beyond Ottawa’s downtown. Read more.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waterloo ON - Plans afoot for whooping it up along the Iron Horse trail

“Animating the trail” — celebrating and enlivening the Iron Horse Trail and other “active transportation” links throughout the region — is something people have been talking about for ages. Now there’s a plan in the works to move from talk to action. Read more.

Making Parry Sound a cycle-friendly town

Cycling and how to make it easier for enthusiasts to get around the Parry Sound and area was talked about at the West Parry Sound Active Transportation’s breakfast forum last week. Read more.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Suits could force L.A. to spend huge sums on sidewalk repair

[L]awsuits were filed by disabled people who say broken sidewalks make it impossible for them to get around and seek repairs or improvements. The plaintiffs contend that the conditions violate the federal Americans With Disabilities Act, a tool that has been used across the country to force better access at restaurants, department stores, movie theaters and the like. Read more.

London Bicycle Festival 2012

London ON: May 25 - June 14, 2012

Vancouver set to get started on five new cycling and walking projects

Going before council next week is this staff report that recommends the city approve five projects aimed at improving Vancouver's cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Read more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation Newsletter

Recent TCAT activities and news items:
  1. Complete Streets Forum 2012: Videos, photos and media now available
  2. Toronto Board of Health Walking and Cycling report adopted
  3. Upcoming TCAT Complete Streets Workshops
  4. "There will always be more to do, but that’s not the same as saying that nothing has been done!"
  5. Take the Bike to Work pledge
Read more.

Vancouver - Making streets safer for seniors

Vancouver senior Phyllis Lavelle wants more benches in her West End neighbour-hood. The 80-year-old is spry but she has a heart condition and can only carry about 3.6 kilograms of groceries at a time. Read more.

Renfrew County's Active Transportation Network gather speed

Strategy preparation has been underway for more than a year, and Renfrew County property and development director Paul Moreau offered an update. “That’s what we put in front of county council — the start of a formal, active transportation strategy,” said Moreau. Read more.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030

A new forecast on obesity in America has health experts fearing a dramatic jump in health care costs if nothing is done to bring it under control. Read more.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 2012 Canada Walks e-News

In This Issue:

As America's waistline expands, costs soar

The nation's [and Canada's] rising rate of obesity has been well-chronicled. But businesses, governments and individuals are only now coming to grips with the costs of those extra pounds, many of which are even greater than believed only a few years ago: The additional medical spending due to obesity is double previous estimates and exceeds even those of smoking, a new study shows. Read more.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nova Scotia - "AT 101 - Bringing AT to your community and developing an AT plan"

This new toolkit will help you in your efforts to bring active transportation (AT) to your community. Download AT 101 here (7 MB).

Montreal - Final plans for Turcot add green space

The final plans for Montreal's new $3-billion Turcot Interchange promise an improved network of mass transit lanes and a better integration of residential areas by expanding green space, pedestrian walkways and bike paths. Read more.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Edmonton to add 15-km of bike lanes this year

The city is moving ahead with plans that will eventually give Edmonton a 489-kilometre bicycle network, but not everyone is doing wheelies over the idea. Read more.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Should skateboarding have a speed limit?

Some skateboarders weave in and out of traffic, ignore road rules and take to the street in groups. Although some skateboarders agreed that it's important to obey traffic rules, they wondered if boarders would measure their speed. Read more.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Master plan creates dynamic downtown in Goderich

As the historic and civic heart of Goderich, the downtown core will be developed as a pedestrian-oriented that highlights its unique character. “It means rebalancing that whole pedestrian, vehicular equation,” said Wai Ying DiGiorgio, who is an associate urban designer at The Planning Partnership. Read more.

Humorous Public Service Announcement about the importance of walking in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Comedy website Funny Or Die and Every Body Walk! present the first reunion of the cast of The West Wing in more than 5 years. West Wing regulars Martin Sheen (President Josiah Bartlett), Allison Janney (C.J. Cregg), Joshua Malina (Will Bailey), Dulé Hill (Charlie Young), Melissa Fitzgerald (Carol Fitzpatrick), and William Duffy (Larry) got together to shoot a humorous Public Service Announcement about the importance of walking in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read more and see the video.

Thunder Bay - Expect more cyclists on city streets

Bike lanes across the city of Thunder Bay officially open on Tuesday. However, according to Adam Krupper, the city's Active Transportation coordinator, some of those lanes may be a little hard to see right now. Read more.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Women in Cycling: Barriers and Breakthroughs

The first ever National Women’s Cycling Forum took place at the recent National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C., with a follow-up “webinar” on March 28 to broaden awareness and participation in the discussion of how to get more women using bicycles as transportation. Read more.

Calgary - St. Patrick's Island plans unveiled

The revamped park will feature new pathways, a small amphitheatre, a watercraft launching and landing area, a river-side beach and concession stands, according to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), which is in charge of the project. Read more.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The International Transport Forum

The International Transport Forum will be taking place in Leipzig from April 30-May 2, gathering 53 National Transport Ministers, the world’s leading thinkers, CEOs, politicians and academics to discuss transport. This year’s focus will be on “Seamless Transport”. Read more - video also.

Owen Sound - Council to push for bike lanes along highway

The Ministry of Transportation has begun laying the groundwork for major road work during the summer of 2013 between Springmount and Hepworth. Bicycle lanes are not part of the plan yet, but they will be if Georgian Bluffs council gets its way. Read more.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bike boulevard planned for Saskatoon

Saskatoon's first "Bike Boulevard" will be a continuous pathway that provides right-of-way to cyclists, leading them west from Idylwyld Drive, along 23rd Street West and connecting to a multi-use path to Betts Avenue. Read more.

2012 Nova Scotia Cycling Summit

On behalf of the 2012 Nova Scotia Cycling Summit: Creating a Cycling Culture organizing committee and the Lunenburg-Queens Recreation Directors Association, we are please to invite you to join us at this year's Summit in Mahone Bay on May 5.

Session highlights include:

  • Creating champions of Change
  • Women in Cycling
  • Retailers Panel
  • Cycling Tourism
  • Land-use agreements
  • Kids in Cycling
  • Bicycling Nova Scotia Strategic Planning

The full agenda and an online version of the registration form are also available at:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pedestrian bridges that make an artful connection

Pedestrian bridges that make an artful connection - Daring, innovative pedestrian bridges are popping up across Canada, with Calgary and Toronto at the forefront of the growing trend to give new recognition to those who commute on foot or by bike.

European Parliament Postpones Decision on E-Bike Power

European Parliament Postpones Decision on E-Bike Power - The decision on the possible increase of motor power for electric bikes is expected not earlier then July 3, 2012. Currently work is being done to get to a so-called first-reading agreement. According to Annick Roetynck, general secretary of the European dealer association ETRA, such an agreement will ensure that the European Council will immediately accept the decision taken by the Parliament.

Lowering Toronto speed limits means we're going back to the future

Lowering Toronto speed limits means we're going back to the future - Why don’t we just bring back the horse and buggy and ban cars all together? What’s next? No elevators because they don’t encourage fitness? No park benches that create a relaxed, if not lazy, park goer? If this crazy anti-speed limit does find its way into law and suddenly Toronto roads have speed limits of 30 km/h and 40 km/h, watch out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bicycling: Health Risk or Benefit?

Bicycling: Health Risk or Benefit? - In the last decade, there has been new interest in promoting cycling as a mode of transportation in North America. In this article, we focus on the health elements of the controversy: what are the potential benefits of cycling; what are the risks; and do the benefits outweigh the risks?

As Traffic Snarls Brazil's Cities, Officials Plan For More Cars

As Traffic Snarls Brazil's Cities, Officials Plan For More Cars - To say that São Paulo has a lot of traffic would be an understatement. Fed up with traffic, the city's wealthiest citizens have taken to the air, making São Paulo's helicopter fleet the largest in the world. But for Paulistas who can't launch themselves into the sky every morning, solutions on the ground are urgently needed.

Winnipeg must become pedestrian-friendly

Winnipeg must become pedestrian-friendly - Why is it that Winnipeg seems so anti-pedestrian? The truth, at least since the 1960s, is when it comes to facilitating the movement of people on its streets, Winnipeg, unfortunately, has treated its pedestrians as an afterthought when compared to its citizens who drive vehicles. Traffic management generally has been focused on enabling vehicles to get from one end of the city to the other in record time.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sudbury - City has the plan, but no money

Though council has already endorsed the 30-year master plan, its proponents were back asking for support for 25 action items that can be done at "low to no cost" in the first year. The items span the plan's three themes: Activity and growth; Access and connectivity; and Beauty and pride.

While enthusiastic about the downtown master plan and the many projects that will drive it over the next few years, councillors expressed concerns about costs. There's no funding and -- though it would be nice -- no massive lottery windfall available to build these things, Ward 3 Coun. Claude Berthiaume said.

At Summit, PBOT Director announces new 10% bike mode split goal

During a speech at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit in Salem yesterday, PBOT Director Tom Miller made the unexpected announcement that PBOT will soon roll out a formal 10% bike mode split goal, a step in accountability he says is unprecedented.

Count down to Velo-city Vancouver 2012

The program overview for the upcoming Velo-city Global bicycle planning conference is now live. You can view it on the Velo-city Global website here.

Westmount QC - On the road to …

2012 is official the “year of traffic” in Westmount with the submission by Genivar, consultants hired by the City, of their initial findings in their studies for the “Traffic and Active Transportation Master Plan”. The last time Westmount took on an undertaking like this was over 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then, especially with the burgeoning of the suburbs – both on- and off-island.

Open street Sundays could be happening soon in Halifax

Closing several streets to traffic and opening them up to active transportation on a quiet Sunday afternoon might happen in Halifax this fall.

Essex County moves forward with transportation study

A study on active transportation may not end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust at the Essex County civic centre after all.

Calgary - Southeast transitway project awaits detailed cost estimate

Local businesses have been long buzzing about long-awaited plans to create a transit-, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly corridor serving 17th Avenue S.E., or International Avenue. Plans include buses and bus stations, bike lanes, wider sidewalks and boulevards to improve access and encourage pedestrians to visit. The estimated price tag for all phases is $300 million.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video - Building a Bike Highway

"Instead of relegating cyclists to side streets and bike paths, the new bikeways would take over major Portland thoroughfares, making bikes more visible and creating more direct routes that would shorten ride times. Witnessing the shift from streets of mostly cars to mostly bikes will also start to create a sense that riders are prized and protected as a major transportation solution, not forced to stay in painted lanes.”

The Crisis in American Walking

[This] is what walking in America has become: An act dwelling in the margins, an almost hidden narrative running beneath the main vehicular text. Indeed, the semantics of the term pedestrian would be a mere curiosity, but for one fact: America is a country that has forgotten how to walk.

Comox BC - Council agrees to cover bridge design costs

Courtenay Council has agreed to find the $70,000 needed to prepare plans for a covered pedestrian and cycling bridge spanning the river from the foot of Sixth Street to Simms Park.

European Greenways Iinfo: March 2012

You can download the new Info European Greenways (issue 14) (En)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saanich BC - Planning is key to urban environment

Security should be key in designing our roads. Off-road bicycle paths protect cyclists better from accidents. The proposed upgrades are the ideal opportunity to encourage Saanich and the University of Victoria to develop and adopt greener transit.

Edmonton - Jasper Avenue gets a makeover

Parking will be banned at peak periods to maintain the current number of through lanes, although there may be delays in some places because buses will have to stop at curbs to pick up passengers. The extra room will be used to improve walkability by widening sidewalks to six metres from four metres.

Latest Calgary bridge brainwave a headscratcher

If it were only a little taller, infuriated taxpayers might at least get some use out the latest spending fiasco awaiting the rubber stamp at city hall. There’ll certainly be plenty of Calgarians who feel like taking a leap of frustration, after learning of yet another pointless infrastructure project to be built in this supposedly broke city.

Thunder Bay - The sidewalk ‘myth’

Thunder Bay will be getting a couple new bike lanes this summer located mostly in Current River. The bike lanes will be placed on Shuniah Street, Hudson Avenue, Arundel Street and Huron Avenue and a bike lane in the south core on Vickers Street.

Halifax - Council ponders route for bicycle corridor

The public has had its say. Now it’s up to Halifax regional council to come up with a route for a bike corridor to run in a north-south direction through Halifax.  Four routes — the Connaught Avenue corridor, the Windsor Street-Vernon Street corridor, the Agricola Street-Young Avenue corridor and the Novalea Drive-Gottingen Street corridor — are being considered, but it could even be a slightly different route.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Video - 25 ways to cross a major road by bicycle, 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

Major roads can be major barriers for cyclists, but they do not need to be. There are 25 places for cyclists to cross the major roads around the city of 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. There are overpasses and underpasses and even one level crossing, Some are combined solutions for motorized traffic as well and some for pedestrians.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Everyone Benefits When More People Bike and Walk

For the past year powerful voices around Washington have singled out programs to improve biking and walking as flagrant examples of wasteful government spending.

Skateboarding professor becomes Internet sensation

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln classics and religious studies professor became an Internet sensation Wednesday when a photo of him skateboarding across campus became the top item on the social news website The photo inspired dozens of memes -- photos with humorous text superimposed.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Canada’s first-ever physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines for the early years released

Children aged four and under should move more and sit less every day as recommended by the first-ever Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for the Early Years. All children aged one to four should accumulate at least 180 minutes of physical activity throughout the day, and children under the age of one should be physically active several times daily. Parents and caregivers should also limit prolonged sitting for more than one hour at a time and excessive screen time.

Physical Activity Tracking App

[And here is a recently developed Canadian smart-phone app that tracks physical activity, among other lifestyle items. For those - like me - who like to keep track of their diet and exercise. -MH]

SlimKicker is a level-up game that turns your weight loss goals into a winnable game, tracking diet and physical activity.

Ottawa - Bank Street design plan works:community association

The plan, which covers a 3.2-kilometre stretch of Bank Street between the Rideau River and the Canadian National Railway tracks south of Walkley Road, calls for three nodes of intensive transit-oriented redevelopment with taller buildings housing commercial, office and residential uses.

Creating cycling and pedestrian links is a big part of encouraging those hubs to develop with a mix of businesses and housing, according to the plan. The goal is to keep that section of Bank Street as a commercial strip, but add more vibrancy and foot-traffic to the street by allowing housing and offices to also be built along Bank. Cycling lanes along the length of Bank Street would help that effort, and are recommended in the plan.