Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Project - Methodologies for Identifying and Ranking Sustainable Transport Practices in Urban Regions

From Barry Wellar, PhD, MCIP, Principal, Wellar Consulting Inc.

I am working on a project for Transport Canada titled: "Methodologies for Identifying and Ranking Sustainable Transport Practices in Urban Regions". Transport Canada and I believe that the project should be of interest to a number of members of the AT community, and that AT could make a very important contribution to the outreach part of the project.

A Project Synopsis has been prepared as an element of the outreach part of the project, and it has been posted at:

It would be very much appreciated if you could post and otherwise circulate the Synopsis, or the link to the Synopsis, as part of the effort to inform community groups, advocacy groups, and other public interest groups about the project.

For more information: wellarb@uottawa.ca.

Minden Active Transportation plan

Minden Hills is a township in, and the county seat of Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada. It is an amalgamation of the geographical townships of Snowdon, Lutterworth, Anson, Hindon and Minden. It is usually referred to as Minden, after its largest community. Minden Hills had a permanent population of 5,556 people in the 2006 Census.

It approved an Active Transportation plan in the summer of 2008.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality AT Plan Approved

On June 17, 2008, the CBRM Council gave approval in principle to the Municipality's Active Transportation Plan. Follow the link to view the presentation made at the Council meeting and the AT plan (maps only posted as of Aug. 26).

Article - If we build it, will they come?

Fredericton Daily Gleaner, July 19

Over 20 years, the plan proposes to take Fredericton from its existing 80 kilometres of trails to 126 kilometres of interconnected walkways, 30 kilometres of reserved bicycle lanes and signed bicycle lanes which are shared with parked cars in residential areas.

But if you want people to ditch cars, you have to start teaching them young that road etiquette, respect for cyclists and a desire to walk are all good things, the consultants point out.

Article - Cycling expert says city needs more bike facilities

Vancouver has done good work to encourage cycling, says Jack Becker, a member of the city's bicycle advisory committee, director with the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and president of the B.C. Cycling Coalition. But compared to European cities, we have a long way to go.

Article - Longboarders race through Edmonton's river valley

The boards, about twice the size of traditional skateboards, are increasingly popular among young commuters and racers alike. Mike Sanders, one of the organizers, who also owns a shop that sells longboards, figures there are about 10,000 in use in the Edmonton region, although only a few people use them regularly.

Article - New York: No Traffic on a Saturday? Well, No Cars, Anyway

On a path that extended from the Brooklyn Bridge north to Park Avenue and the Upper East Side, thousands of people filled the streets, taking part in activities like street-side tai chi or salsa dancing. Others simply enjoyed the chance to stroll in normally car-clogged streets. In a city where walkers, cyclists and motorists must share limited space, having a major thoroughfare through Manhattan free of cars created a giddy sort of excitement.

Article - Hey, that's my bike!

Across Canada, 44,013 bikes were reported stolen in 2007, according to Statistics Canada, which tracks police reports. But police and bicycling advocates say that doesn't even come close to the real figures, because many victims don't report the crime.

Where bicycles are being stolen, and what you can do to keep yours safe.

Article - Success Velib Tempered by Costs of Breakdowns

Since the introduction of the bike rental system last year in the French capital the Vélib’s have made 26 million trips. In their fight against traffic congestion and air-pollution the Paris city council and outdoor advertiser JCDecaux created a successful rental system that is regarded as the showcase to get more people biking.

The down site of Vélib’s success is the huge cost as a result of vandalism and spare parts. In the first half year JCDecaux already spent € 20.6 million to keep the bikes on the road.

Report - Cycling: Getting Australia Moving

In August 2007, the Cycling Promotion Fund was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to develop a report on bicycle participation by Australian adults. The Cycling Promotion Fund was specifically asked to investigate the contribution cycling can make to the health of adult Australians, what barriers exist to increasing participation and what can be done to overcome these hurdles.

The Cycling Promotion Fund engaged four notable academics/practitioners from the fields of health, transport and economics to address these questions.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City of Ottawa Bicycle Plan Passes Council

The Ottawa Cycling Plan (OCP) is a long-term (20-year) strategy that consists of two phases. The first, is a ten-year implementation plan that includes network infrastructure, program initiatives and associated costs. The ten-year plan is intended to complement the City’s Capital Works Plan, Transportation Master Plan and Official Plan.

On July 17, Ottawa City Council accepted an accelerated version of the plan for the next five years that will result in a $25 million investment in bike lanes, paths, and other infrastructure support.

Article - Bike group calls on MPI to improve cyclists' road skills

Cycling advocates [in Winnipeg] worry an increase in the number of riders on the road could translate into a higher toll of deaths and injuries among cyclists.

An average of 180 cyclists are injured and two are killed on Manitoba roads every year, according to MPI. The corporation paid out $8.2 million in injury claims for cyclists hit by vehicles in 2006, a fourfold increase since 2002.

Article - A greener way to park it

The [Montreal] Gazette, July 29
Author: Michelle Lalonde

[T]here are not enough parking spots for our cyclists," said Marc Snyder, an aide to Plateau Mont Royal borough mayor Helen Fotopulos. By the end of the summer, Snyder said, the borough plans to turn about 30 regular parking spaces into bicycle parking facilities for about 300 bikes. The borough plans to double the number of bike parking spots to 3,000 over the next three years.

Article - Drivers begin parking their cars

Globe and Mail, July 23
Authors: Heather Scoffield and Dakshana Bascramurty and Virginia Galt

Soaring gasoline prices have finally prompted Canadian drivers to curtail their travelling and scale back spending in other areas to cover off their fuel bills.

Study - US: Walkable Neighborhoods Keep the Pounds Off

They found that neighborhood type did seem to be correlated to body weight. For example, a man of average size -- 6 feet tall weighing 200 pounds -- weighed 10 pounds less if he lived in an older, more walkable neighborhood. A woman of average size -- 5'5" tall weighing 149 pounds -- was six pounds lighter if she lived in a similar area versus a newer, less pedestrian-friendly locale.

Article - Development Construction on the city's long-awaited skateboard park is expected to begin by the end of the month

[Saint John NB] Telegraph Journal, July 21
Author: Natalia Manzocco

"This happens to be one of the fastest-growing sports in North America," said Mayor Ivan Court, who's been vocal about his support for the park since the beginning. "I was an educator for 33 years, and it's very important that kids have places to show off what they can do, regardless of what sport it is."

"We're sheltered, because it's underneath the bridge. It's central, it's right uptown. We've got Harbour Passage [multi-use trail] right there, so kids can skate all the way out from the west side to get to this park," said Vincent.

Article - Bikes on a roll in suburbs

Chicago Sun Times, July 28
Author: Editorial

In the land of the cul-de-sac and the three-car garage, a two-wheeled revolution has begun. Suburbanites are riding their bicycles not just for recreation, but for transportation. And suburbs are responding with more bike racks, trails and designated bike lanes.

Article - As gas prices go up, auto deaths decline, U.S. study predicts

Associated Press, July 11

Gas is now averaging around $1.40 per litre in Canada, and one of the professors says he expects to see a drop of about 1,000 deaths a month.

Article - Crunching Some Numbers on Paris Bike-Sharing Program

The Paris bike-sharing program, Vélib, has received a tremendous amount of attention since it was introduced in 2007. Now, on its one year anniversary, it is time to look at some of the numbers about costs, use, and environmental benefits.

Article - PST break on bikes coming: Ghiz

The City of Charlottetown passed a resolution earlier this month urging the provincial government to act on the campaign promise and drop the 10 per cent tax. PEI Premier Ghiz strongly hinted Islanders could see this tax lifted in next spring's budget.