Thursday, September 3, 2009

McGill to make lower campus virtually car-free by end of 2010

The McGill Tribune, September 2
Author: James Gilman

According to the plan, all parking on lower campus will be eliminated, and vehicle access will be gradually reduced, with only service and delivery vehicles allowed access through the Milton Gate, while all vehicular access through the Roddick Gate will be cut off.

This initiative coincides with an August 24 City of Montreal announcement that a new bike path will be built along University Street in order to link up the Parc-Milton and de Maisonneuve paths. Cyclists have long complained that there is no safe link between the two, and many travel the wrong way down the one-way University street in order to meet up with the de Maisonneuve path, or cut through the McGill campus to reach Sherbrooke Street.

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