Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contact List Deleted - Please Update!

One of the problems with being an "older adult", is that I am occasionally befuddled by technology that is new to me. Such was the case this week, when I finally acquired a Blackberry. Hesitantly, as "older adults" often do, I played with the various functions, trying to learn how they operated without causing lights to flash, bells to ring, and whatever subsequent disaster this signified.

Well, if only lights had sounded, I might have slowed down before I deleted almost the entire e-mail list for the "Active Transportation-Canada" listserv.

Yes, while going through my e-mail options on my phone I noticed that the address book was packed with almost 1,000 names, both from my personal and my professional account. "How cluttered, " I thought. "I will never be e-mailing all these people from my Blackberry." So I deleted them, one by one, thinking that it was from my handheld device only. As you by now understand, it was not.

So, the AT-Canada list has considerably shrunken. If you are reading this - not having received any updates this year - and wish to receive periodic (once or twice a month) updates on the posting of new articles, please send an e-mail to me at I wish to know your first and last names, your city of residence (and country, if not Canada), and, of course, your e-mail address.

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