Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't feel safe walking at night? Exercise more

Feel afraid walking in your neighbourhood at night? Well, somewhat ironically, exercising will apparently make you feel safer. New Australian Bureau of Statistics research shows those who participate in sport and recreational activities have significantly greater levels of trust in the community and are far more likely to feel safe walking the streets after dark.

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CynMcKeown said...

Thanks for this Michael! Another thing to consider: community involvement is key to feeling safer - the more people we meet, greet and get to know a little, the more we feel comfortable and safe in that environment. So walk as often as you can and wave and say high to neighbours that you see along the way. In no time, you'll see that they will start to regonize you and say "hi" back. In turn, when you start walking more at night, you will feel more comfortable because you know the "people in your neighbourhood". Have fun, stay young and WALK! It's free, good for your health, excellent for the environment and increase social inclusion, something that is lacking greatly in our world today and without which, the death of compassion towards others occurs.