Friday, December 18, 2009

TriTAG Urges Region of Waterloo to Cut the Budget for Sprawl

Daily Excahnge, December 9

Investigation by the Tri-Cities Transport Action Group (TriTAG) reveals that the planned 2010 budget for the Region of Waterloo is heavily skewed towards road expansion and makes minimal investments in transit, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Of the Region's proposed $100 million transportation budget, less than $1 million is planned for sidewalks, and out of a total expenditure of $2.2 million for sidewalks and bike lanes, only $300,000 is not part of an existing road project."

[Imagine what would happen if communities spent the same amount on walking and cycling infrastrucutre based on the 7.7% mode share of Active Transportation. -MH]

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