Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Calgary - Controversial cycle lane boosts traffic flow

The controversial construction of a city bike lane has sped up vehicle traffic on the downtown road, city council says. Read more.

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Unknown said...

The story of the 6th and 7th St bike lane is a sad one because Calgary's cycling advocacy group Tour de Nuit had been building business support for east-west bike lanes on the route preferred by car and bike commuters. The formal public engagement process was shut down by the City of Calgary when the business community endorsed the Tour de Nuit route. Calgary's independent advocacy group had commissioned independent engineering and safety studies.
On opening day of the 7th St bike lane the City had employees cycle up and down the short street to nowhere and businesses observed the same cyclists frequently on the count day cited by the Calgary Herald reporter.
The numbers used by Calgary TransDep to justify Bike Share were cooked as were the numbers that justified the stealth bike lane installation on 10th St.
Needless to say there is a huge credibility issue because what passes for transportation planning is mostly propaganda and PR spin effective only with a journalism student in the role of cub reporter.