Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waiting period is over

Montreal Gazette, November 2

The election is done, but the need to have our voices heard is as important as ever. Here's a list of things Montrealers should demand of our newly elected officials.

Start treating pedestrians with respect instead of contempt. Routinely in this city, sidewalks on both sides of a busy street are blocked, forcing pedestrians to walk in traffic without protection. Any commercial interest, be it a beer delivery truck, a construction crew, or moving van, is allowed to block a sidewalk for as long as it likes. This has to stop. Also, proper snow clearing of sidewalks is not too much to ask. Public awareness programs about "active transportation" are wonderful, but if it is unsafe and unpleasant to walk in this city, we simply won't do it.

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Freight transportations said...

When we are drivers we forget that we are a pedestrians when we leave our cars.