Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Calgary - Coun. Chu prefers bike lanes take over sidewalk space

Coun. Sean Chu, who has emerged as a sharp foe of Calgary’s cycling strategy, reasoned Monday that it makes more sense for new cycling space to chew into pedestrian space rather than limiting room for a road’s majority users: motorized vehicles. Read more.

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Gary Beaton said...

Councillor Chu has emerged as a strong opponent of the Calgary so-called cycling strategy that was written without input from our cycling community. Violations of the City's public engagement policies were well documented.
Four years after former councillor and Tour de Nuit advocacy group member Ric McIver (now Alberta Minister of Infrastructure) initiated changes to the City's cycling policies, municipal transportation planners are still resisting development of a bike network in downtown Calgary that includes extensive stakeholder consultation advocated by city's advocacy group.
In 2013 the City established a North American bike infrastructure removal record.
Commuter cyclists hope Councillor Chu is a breath of fresh air and an advocate for common sense.