Sunday, February 16, 2014

Canada - The Federal Election and Cycling

Elections are great opportunities to talk to politicians about cycling or even get to know them and their supporters better by helping them out by volunteering on their campaigns.
Ways that the federal government could encourage cycling include:
  • The development of a National Cycling Strategy 
  • Federal funding for cycling infrastructure, education and promotion. For infrastructure, $20 per person per year matched by the provinces would be a great start bring Canada up to the level of the Netherlands. 
  • Ensure that all road, bridge, transit and rail projects that receive federal funding have high-quality bicycle facilities
  • Regulations streamlining the process for implementing bicycle paths next to active rail lines
  • Regulations that require abandoned rail lines to be retained in perpetuity for use as bicycle trails.
  • Tax rebate for companies who provide facilities for commuter cycling
  • Safety standards for motor vehicles to reduce collisions with bicycles and to reduce the severity of injuries to cyclists
  • National standards for electric bicycles
  • Researching and promoting best practices
  • Developing and promoting cycling tourism in Canada
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